Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!

After a particularly wonderful week in Queensland, it felt like a bit of a shock to wriggle back into teacher mode. Shauna, Kat and I kept looking at each other, exclaiming, “I can’t believe we’re teaching tomorrow!”

But as soon as we pulled up at Bleeding Heart, we were excited to get going. A massive art gallery in Brisbane’s CBD, strung with fairy lights, it was the perfect place to settle in for a couple of days.

But enough of that. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are several thousand words…

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Bleeding Heart is a huge, gorgeous space. This is a visual depiction of “the calm before the storm”!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Before long, the space was filled with colourful, enthusiastic cuties.

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Who, me, animated?!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Our Brisbane blogcadettes got a kangaroo on their goodie bags. Pretty damn CUTE!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Our scholarship winner, Gabriella, thumbing through her workbook.

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!It’s pretty glorious… If we do so say ourselves!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!We were lucky to receive a couple of boxes of Blogcademy-branded cupcakes from Bite Me. This is what bloggers do before they eat: they Instagram!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!They were very Instagrammable, though.

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Jane sketched this illustration of me while I was talking. Her whole business revolves around using the internet to teach people how to draw! So awesome.

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Shauna and Che, deep in thought!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Doing my rounds during activity time.

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Studious Brisbabes.

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Celeste killed it in a pair of Crown And Glory ears.

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!No one can resist cuddling up to our iconic B balloon…

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!My dress is Nanette Lepore. I picked it up at Buffalo Exchange for about $20!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Selfie madness with Jane!

Brisbabes At The Blogcademy!Everybody say “Blogcademy!”

We had wicked sponsors for Blogcademy Brisbane. Art School Dropout had everyone decked out in cool necklaces. Bite Me provided the mid-afternoon sugar-rush. Crown And Glory bestowed a pair of sparkly ears upon every attendee. Imogen Wilson gave everyone a pair of Blogcademy blue origami earrings. Mi Goals supplied notebooks to help us all get organised once and for all. Sacred Self contributed bottles of oil for a self-love ritual! And Tourism And Events Queensland gave everyone a pair of fuzzy koala ears from Dreamworld! Oh, the cuteness!

Want an inside peek of the class? Peep the video…

Film by Andrew Watt.

If you’re itching to join us Down Under, never fear! We’re bringing the party back to Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland in November/December of this year. Tickets have sold quickly, so don’t put it off forever!

Much love,

Photos by Janneke Storm… And kisses to Tourism And Events Queensland for bringing us over in the first place!