Bubble Warrior At Rainbow City!

A pink glitter piano in the middle of Manhattan?! An enormous art installation made from striped, oversized, inflatable characters?! When it comes to weird art in the city, if it exists, you know I’ll find it!

A week ago, Ben — my intrepid costume film partner-in-crime — & I headed out into the hot, hot streets of New York City in search of adventure. We definitely found it! From the pink glitter piano decorated by Isaac Mizrahi to FriendsWithYou’s Rainbow City installation, Manhattan is definitely alive with interactive art & good vibrations!

Summer is certainly one of the most fun times to be in New York City. Every borough pulses & hums with activity; the streets throb with traffic & the sound of millions of footsteps. On the sidewalk, people sell fruit, bubble guns & counterfeit handbags, & superb interactive art exhibits pop up, in a magical & unexpected way.

The whole thing is such a wonderful adventure that I wished I could bring you along… & then realised, a video is the second-best way to do that!

I hope you enjoyed coming along on a little journey with me!

Love & thank you to…
Ben Vogel for filming, editing & down-for-whatever-ness!
Mr. Downstairs because Bubble Warrior At Rainbow City just wouldn’t have been the same without their track Legendary!