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Everywhere I go, I meet women who are running businesses and passionate about the solopreneur lifestyle. It’s amazing to me, especially when I consider how different things looked ten years ago. Back then, doing business online was pretty wacky. These days, if you don’t do business online, you’re really, really missing out!

When Kat, Shauna and I started talking about it on our first collective trip to Las Vegas, we realised that we knew so many women who were missing out on customers, opportunities, and — let’s be honest — COLD HARD CASH! It frustrated us. We love to cheer people on and see them succeed, so nothing is worse than going to the site of someone you really like and thinking, ‘What is this?!’.

If your site looks crappy, no one will buy from you. If you can’t tell a compelling story about what you do and why you do it, no one will care. If you don’t know how to connect with your customers in a fun and authentic way, no one will ever connect with you. Your business will fail, and you’re back to square one: scouring Craigslist for easy cash!

That’s why we started The Blogcademy back in 2012. Blogging is first and foremost about creativity, expression, and finding your tribe: that’s what keeps us hooked, after all! But blogging can also be a fantastic way to solidify your brand, grow your business, and make more money.

Two years later, we’ve taught over 1000 women on several continents how to get up, get going, and get cash flowing. We’re so proud of everyone we’ve helped, and now it’s time to bring the party direct to you!

On January 29th, we’re launching BLOGCADEMY ONLINE. It’s our full in-person class, filmed live in front of a class in London, and transformed into digital gold for you to view at home! The course is huge: videos, worksheets, activities, a 300 page transcript, a huge list of resources, and access to our very active — and very friendly — private forum. You’ll get all the same information that you get in the live class, without having to get out of your adorable onesie pyjamas!

We wanted to make it easy for you, so Blogcademy Online is learn at your own pace, and you’ll have access to it forever. You can watch the videos as many times as you like, and do the activities as often as you please. You can either go hard and complete the course in a weekend, or dip in and out as your schedule allows.


Our curriculum includes: formatting basics, blogging business plan, defining your ideal reader, crafting your about page, defining your blog’s purpose, writing killer content, consistency, social media, networking, branding, still life 101, advertising, brand collaborations, business documents, income diversification and image usage. (A detailed breakdown of exactly what we cover in each subject can be found on our Blogcademy Online page.)


We’re leaping out of our SKIN with excitement, and we couldn’t wait until the 29th to get the party started! We have some very special FREE videos to tide you over! In fact, the first one is live right now. Click that link, login with Facebook, and scroll down to watch 10 Lessons Every Blogger Needs To Learn.

Next week, my video on how to have a charismatic blog goes live, and the week after that is a preview of our business blogging plan segment from class. Sweet! If you want to be reminded when the new videos go live — as well as receive a discount code for Blogcademy Online! — sign up for our mailing list.

The Blogcademy Online


Our next live class is in Los Angeles in February, and it’s a little different: in our live class, you’ll get all the real-time feedback on your blog and business you can handle! (We’d love to see you there.) But Blogcademy Online is going to be a game-changer. I can’t wait for you to be part of it all!