Buying Designer Goods On Ebay

Do any of you have experience with this? I have been on Ebay for years & have never been burned by a seller — I have always received my item & it has always been what it claimed to be.

However, I’ve never tried to buy anything designer there. As you all know by now, I am obsessed with Chanel 5018 sunglasses. I discovered yesterday that there are some for sale on Ebay, which was, of course, very exciting. However, when I went into the Chanel boutique to get more information (as well as to see whether they had them in stock), the sales assistant told me they were an extremely limited run. They came straight off the catwalk, sold out immediately, & there are only 3 pairs in Melbourne, 3 pairs in Sydney, etc. She said the sunglasses on Ebay would definitely be fakes, & that she didn’t advise buying them.

Of course, this must be their official line, since if people buy on Ebay, Chanel doesn’t turn a profit. But it really made me wonder what the authenticity of the items on Ebay would be. If you were smart, you’d buy them in the boutique & sell them on Ebay for a massive profit.

I guess all you can really do is look at the seller’s feedback & hope for the best… but I’d love to hear your take on the issue!