Call An End To…

Some things can only go on for so long. If you’re up for the challenge, why not consider cutting the following from your life?

Fishing for compliments
Constantly putting yourself down in public in the hope that someone will help lift you up again is not cool. Learn to love yourself enough that you don’t need other people to bolster your ego. The problem with low self-esteem — well, one of the problems — is that it doesn’t matter what amount of positive reinforcement you receive from other people, you will still feel bad about yourself. You’ll believe the bad stuff, of course, but not the good stuff. So don’t go there. If you think you’re a lazy scoundrel, keep it to yourself, & then make a commitment to learning to love & appreciate yourself.

Talking badly about your friends
Really. Give it a rest. Be true & sincere — either someone is your friend or they’re not. If you’re constantly bothered by someone & you feel the need to gossip about them to all & sundry, end the friendship & move on. It’s unfair to your “friend” & it’s a total waste of your time. It is small-minded & petty. Wouldn’t you rather be making plans for your future or achieving your goals than whining about how Jessica is treating her boyfriend?

Pulling the finger
If you have not yet curbed this addiction, then now is the time. Pulling the finger or flipping the bird or whatever you like to call it is about the least effective thing in the world. It doesn’t make you feel better, it just gives one finger more air exposure. Hooray for you! It’s silly, so stop it. & if you are one of those people who pulls the finger in photographs, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! Doing that is totally lame & uncouth & smacks of unresolved teenage rebellion. Put it behind you & move into your future with grace & style!

That job you hate
Why are you torturing yourself? Stop it! Now! No one — regardless of circumstances — has to do anything they loathe. For everyone except trust fund kids & retirees, work is a major part of life. Most of us spend a minimum of 8 hours a day at work, which is a huge chunk of your day! If you despise getting out of bed in the morning & going to your job, that unhappiness will begin to permeate everything you do. It will poison your relationships & your ambitions & your joie de vivre. It’s not worth it. Take some steps in the right direction. Tart up your CV. Start investigating jobs you might like to do. Make a promise to yourself that you will do something to improve the situation. Life is too short to commit to something you hate.

Obsessing over your size
Our society might put a premium on being skinny, but being skinny is no fun if you’re weak, pissed off & miserable — which is what you will be if you’re not naturally meant to be that size. It is so much better to learn to accept your shape & take care of yourself. You will feel amazing if you’re confident about your body — which is something you will always have over anyone with an eating disorder or food hang-up. NO ONE’S BODY IS PERFECT! Stop beating yourself up over it, please. If not now, when? Eat lots of greens, drink lots of water, get lots of exercise, & watch your happiness soar.

Comparing yourself to others
I really think one major shortcut to happiness is to entirely cease comparing ourselves to other people. Really, what’s the point? You are not them & they are not you, & unless science gets all Freaky Friday on us, this will never be the case. Stop wasting your time & considering how much whiter someone else’s teeth are, or how much more money someone else is making. It is totally irrelevant to you & your life! Concentrate on yourself instead!