Carousel: 25 Lessons For Creatives & Lesbian Etiquette!


Friday! Yes please, & thank you! I am so ready for a NAP, how about you?! In the meantime, here are some links to keep you distracted & bring some loveliness to your day!

25 lessons for creatives from Patti Smith. Apparently, her book, Just Kids, is quite excellent.

Si wrote a guide to simpler EFT, for those of you who want to take the leap!

Sarah Wilson asks if we’re ready to confront our own racism

More smart stuff from smart gals — why radical change is better than slow change by Susannah Breslin.

I love the Executive Colouring Book! Hahah.

If you missed it, like me, don’t despair! Here are some photos from the Coney Island mermaid parade last weekend.

Love this!!!

From Autostraddle, check out Emily Post for Lesbians: Etiquette For Everyone! Emily Post is still relevant; amazing, no?

If your dream is to write a novel, check out these practical tips on writing a book from 23 great authors.

Let’s make lavender lemonade this weekend!

The Talks is a new online interview magazine which I like! Check out these interviews with Sofia Coppola, Mick Jagger, Valentino, Patti Smith, Zac Posen & Ewan McGregor!

A Brief History of Writers Who Died Untimely Deaths… A little morbid, yes. But drowning because you were trying to embrace the reflection of the Moon? …WELL!

Required Viewing: Great Documentaries About Comedians with trailers to give you a taste. I’m pretty excited about Conan’s documentary… Will you see it?

Stereotyping You By Your Favourite Rapper. HA HA HA! I love it!

Oh! Can we start growing matchbox gardens?! Man, that’s cute!

You can listen to Patrick Wolf’s fith album, Lupercalia, here.

What Gives Us The Right To Judge Amy Winehouse? This is so true… People are really nasty about celebrities, & it’s total bullshit!

I really like this collection of Polaroids.

This lookbook for Ruche makes me want to go to the South… How about you?

I love Kelsey Brookes’ super-bright neon art! It would be so good on the wall!

Here’s something you don’t see every day… A townhouse in Manhattan with an indoor pool!

Pets impersonate celebrities… Hahaha.

Oh wow! I adore these composite street photographs of NYC! Number 1 & 9 are my favourites!

In praise of Bohemia… “Bohemia is a state of mind: a threadbare but vibrant Utopia in which one can prioritise the tenets of creativity, love, merriment, experimentation and arousal of the senses.” (Thanks, Emma!)

& here’s a really sweet email I received this morning. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did!

Hello Gala,

I found your website and it couldn’t have been better timing. Everything on your site is absolutely amazing and it opened up my eyes to a world I had never imagined. I read almost all of your posts and it changed my life, literally! I couldn’t have been worse off, I hated myself and everything about me.

After reading your posts I decided it was time for a change and a big one. I took a three day trip to Reno with my best friend. I got out all of my jewelry and got all dolled up and for once I felt pretty special and totally worth love. I was actually turning heads and of course im not the most stylish person on the face of the planet… I wore things that made me feel sexy and pretty and I beamed with confidence.

Before I was ready it was time to go home so I sat alone in my car on the way home singing as loudly as i could, it felt great! Then my favorite song came on, it was Trisha Yearwood’s X’s & O’s and I was struck with a fantastic idea! My brother recently started doing tattoos and I decided I absolutely have to have a tattoo and it’s got to be x’s and o’s… So I went straight to my brother and had pink and black xoxo on the inside of my left wrist and THAT will be my self love totem! I can’t lose it, it’s totally cute and even if I don’t feel like loving myself, there it is, and it will never go away just like my love for myself should be. So I wanted to tell you thank you for posting all of those wonderful things and giving me the courage to change myself.