Carousel: 72 Year Old Virgos, Looking Inside Spaceships & How To Steal Like An Artist!

From What I Discovered When I Went Vegan for 30 Days.

Sarah Wilson has a chat with hugh mackay about getting creative.

Um… I need these REDValentino purple patent bow Dr Martens!!! They are divoon!

I love these polaroids of Jerry Hall (beware, if you’re at work, thar be boobies!).

EEEEEEEEE! This is the most exciting thing ever. Video inside Virgin Galactic spaceship! I want to go into space so badly!

Bow Therapy: How big is too big?! A fair question!

I recently discovered Green Lemonade via Brittany, & I’m obsessed!

Old news, but still pretty fab: Christina Ricci’s closet.

Would you devote your life to cosmetic surgery like this woman has? (I think she looks really good, actually.)

How to Become a Forbes Blogger from Susannah Breslin. Smart girl:

These days, it’s not enough to be a good writer online. You have to be a smart marketer, your own content factory, your own publicist. If you can do it all, you are golden. If you cannot, you are screwed.

I love The Weeknd!

Interviews with centenarians & their perspectives on having lived so long. It’s so interesting how varied their responses are, don’t you think? Attitude is everything… & you can see it in their faces, too!

How to steal like an artist (& 9 other things nobody told me). I don’t know how much I’m into “stealing like artist”, but the other points are great.

Want to learn how to lucid dream? Thanks Kimberly!

I really enjoyed Margaret’s post on people that sing to your sweet spot.

Feel Like a Wallflower? Maybe It’s Your Facebook Wall from the New York Times. It’s true that getting instant updates on your friends’ lives can make you feel like the most boring person on Earth! You just have to be content with your own live. Comparison is always a losing game!

Costanza Pascolato is fantastic. VIRGOS REPRESENT, “you understand?” (I loved one of the comments below, too. “If she is 72 & has done Pilates every day, what’s my excuse for not going to the gym?”)

“My look is totally Italian but also international in a way. I’m very keen on eating well, and I’ve done pilates every day for twelve years. I’m 72 now.”

How to get out of your own way and quit procrastinating on your novel from Tribal Writer.

If you’re heading to Paris soon (lucky you!), here’s a good rundown of places to eat: Bobo Heaven in Paris.

I’m Not Sorry. YES! YES! YES!

With “I’m sorry,” what we are saying is this: “I’m wrong.” Wrong for changing our minds, wrong for bumping into someone, wrong for the way we feel. But are you wrong for being yourself, or for innocently and unintentionally leading someone else to feel the slightest inconvenience? Are you wrong for being confident, for being busy, for being you? And if we’re walkin’ around spouting out quick “I’m sorrys” to every person we meet, aren’t we missing out on the magnificent possibilities that accidents may sometimes bring?

Bummed? Here’s how to not let the world get you down!

Dallas Clayton took his awesome world of books on tour around the country & the results were beautiful.

I found this e-book last night. I haven’t read all of it, but what I did read, I enjoyed! The Usual Error: Why We Don’t Understand Each Other and 34 Ways to Make It Better.

My friend Bryce emailed me about this brilliant fundraiser. Take it away, B! “Songs of Love for Japan (SOLFJ) is a three-day, 72-hour flash sale of great music for a great cause. The cornerstone of the sale is a $100 compilation of 100 rare and unique songs donated from 100 leading artists such as, Florence and the Machine, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, The xx and Sara Bareilles, with more signing on each day. To sweeten the deal, SOLFJ is randomly gifting concert tickets, signed CDs and other one-of-a-kind items to purchasers of the 100-song compilation throughout the three-day sale. For those that still want to help Japan but lack $100, SOLFJ offers a sampling of 20 great songs for $20. The goal is to sell enough digital downloads that SOLFJ can send $250,000 to a charity called Shelter Box that specializes in providing disaster areas with much needed supplies and logistical support. The sale is April 18th-21st. Take a look. I really think it’s a cool way people can help a good cause.” I agree!

Wow, Cutearoo is pretty adorable!

Aaaaaaargh! I am so creeped out! Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes!

I really liked Davinia’s photos of Malta!

Hahaha, oh my lord. Disappointing Gay Best Friend

I love this.

Looooook! Leggings with heart-shaped knee patches!

College Fashion put together a cute interactive quiz: Which Spring Trend Should You Try? (They told me I should try colour-blocking. Probably not going to happen, but okay!)

Of course, I adore Karl Lagerfeld’s Diet Coke campaign. Too bad I think Diet Coke is the devil…

Wow! Jay-Z interviewed Gwyneth. I like this quote from her best:

I can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night but I could sing to you every single word of N.W.A’s “Fuck Tha Police”.

His whole site, though, is awesome. Check it out.

I absolutely flipped out yesterday when I saw the Adeline Adeline/Kate Spade bicycle. Get out of town!!! I was instantly plunged into a session of bicycle lust, which hasn’t ended yet. Maybe I’ll be pedalling the streets of Manhattan before the summer is done?! P.S. The beautiful girl on the bicycle is my friend Greta! Her behind-the-scenes photos are too cute!

Minna Parikka makes amazing shoes.

I love the Wildfox summer lookbook Polaroids! (& I love my friend Emily too!)

Speaking of which, Wildfox put together some prom looks!

More Gwyneth! This time, it’s her Tribeca apartment.

I like J.Crew’s behind-the-scenes blog. Very chic.

Good stuff from Salon: Should we see a marriage counselor? My charismatic ex married a pretty young thing. In defense of wandering eyes. But you’re way hotter, baby! When We Were Strippers. How reality TV ruined porn. How to marry but keep my money?

LOVE this! Wanna take the UPLIFT challenge with me?! It’s easy, & rad, I promise!

Finally, here are some gorgeous pictures by Juliane Berry of Molly Crabapple in Paris! So beautiful!