Carousel: Abandoned Roller Coasters, Lana Del Rey & How To Be More Like Angelina Jolie!

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Brad Walsh is Christian Siriano’s partner. I love this post he wrote, in defense of Christian. He raises a lot of valid points & I adore his unwavering loyalty!

I never had these Teen Works folders, but they look pretty rad… If a little dated!

Jen Dzuira writes about how we can use our money for good. Actually, We’re All Kind of the 1% (And How Not to be a Jerkface About It):

So, I pretty much think that you (and I) should endeavor to become as rich and powerful as possible, so when — for instance — a cheerleader refuses to cheer for her rapist and is ordered to pay $45,000 in court costs, you could just, you know … send her a check. And flowers. And a scholarship. And kittens. (Do you want to fucking cry about something? The girl’s dad told a journalist: “I look at my kid and say ‘Wow, she’s my 15-year-old kid, and she’s my hero.’”)

Hahah! I don’t know how I didn’t see this when it was originally posted, but did you see Barbie & Ken’s wedding pictures?

‘Homeless By Choice’ College Kid on the Art of Bourgeois Homelessness. Oh brother.

I LOVE YAYOI KUSAMA! She is the amazingest. Recently, she did a piece called Obliteration Room in the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. She created a large white room, & then handed out coloured, polka-dot stickers to every child who came through the gallery… So beautiful. Yayoi Kusama is fascinating, I wrote her about her here!

Did you read what Amanda Palmer wrote about her marriage to Neil Gaiman? It’s quite a long piece, granted, but it captured my attention & absolutely held it until the end!

The TSA & their security theatre makes me absolutely crazy. I try not to rage about it whenever I fly, but sometimes I can’t help it. Anyway, here’s why the whole thing is complete nonsense. You should read it if you plan on catching a plane, ever.

An awesome Indian man is on a mission to make sanitary products more affordable & available in India.

Dr. Trina Read wrote about female sexual desire.

Louise Hay on self love. (I dreamt that I met her last night! In the dream, someone asked me what she was like & I said, “When you talk to her, you know she’s really present.”)

If you’ve ever seen someone’s amazing photos & thought, “If I had that camera, my photos would look the same!”… THINK AGAIN! This is why it’s so much more than a fancy camera. (I admit to wanting whatever camera Kris Atomic has for this very reason… But I know my results would never be the same!)

Angelina Jolie’s personal assistant blabbed to the tabloids — how tacky — but there are some good things that came out of it. For example, this article entitled, be a crazy awesome bitch like Angelina Jolie, as per her former assistant. I love Ms. Jolie.

Lana Del Rey is fantastic. I think she is brilliant. The problem is, there’s a whole lot of controversy on the internet (where else) about her “secret past”. Except uh, it’s not secret. This is a very sane & balanced piece about it: Lizzy Grant vs Lana Del Rey. Whichever way you look at it, though, the end result is the same: Lana Del Rey is getting famous while her haters are just sitting around gossiping.

Oooooh! 10 incredible abandoned roller-coasters.

Kelly of The Glamourai posted two great things this week. Firstly, her Malibu photos (in collaboration with From Me To You — Jamie Beck!), & secondly, the story of how she adopted Chicken, a stray dog from Puerto Rico! BLESS HER HEART.

What I wouldn’t give to live in one of the Kate Spade partners’ East Village apartment… Maybe I could just break in & sleep there until someone discovered me? This is where she used to live, by the way. Nice.

I love coloured pencil wall display as an interior decorating idea for artists & illustrators!

Here are some dreamy infrared shots of Hong Kong.

Encouraging words for 2012: a collection of letterpress quotes.

How do you stay creative? A selection of artists were asked this question — here are their answers!

Here are the 10 most awe-inspiring projects of 2011!

I love these retro superhero pin-up posters by artist Maria Danalakis. I want them all framed & lined up along my wall! She has a blog here, too, so you can keep up with her latest exploits!

Here are the 11 best psychology & philosophy books of 2011 — a great list if you’re looking to beef up your bookshelf!

Ooooh I love these portraits of identical twins! It kind of makes me feel creeped out, too! Is it just me?!

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