Carousel: Alice of Magic World, Vintage Lolita Covers & Abandoned Cities…

CarouselMiles Aldridge.

A Rough Guide to Social Skills for Awkward Smart People. While I don’t believe in downplaying how rad you are, at the same time, a little modesty goes a long way…

Kimberly Wilson interviewed me for her Tranquility Du Jour podcast, & we talked about New York City, personal style & radical self love! It’s pretty cute, have a listen!

Let Them Eat Choux… As if you needed another reason to visit Paris!

Here’s the scoop on modeling basics, just in case you want to break into the biz!

Wearing Only a Smile, Nudists Seek Out the Young and the Naked. Exactly what it sounds like!

Veronica Varlow’s house burned to the groundWant to help her out? She could really use it.

I really really love Rodarte’s Black Swan exhibit at MOCA! These photos from Trendland are spectacular.

The Year My Body Shrank from Thanks to Anna for emailing it to me!

What’s your favourite book? One of mine is — no surprise — Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. It is truly beautiful, I recommend it thoroughly if you’ve never picked it up. You’ll be as captivated as I was, I promise. So it makes sense that I went crazy for these vintage Lolita covers from around the world! Some of them are delightfully creepy. My favourites are #13 & #14!

Oh, you know me & my obsession with abandoned cities… Kolmanskop in Namibia = !!! The crazy UFO houses from Sanzhi are pretty excellent too.

Love this: A Vintage-Style Photo Essay of Alternative American Communities, & why am I NOT surprised to see young Ms Angeliska in there?!

GET OUT OF TOWN! We all need to go to Alice of Magic World immediately!!! (Thanks, Tabitha!)

We Heart is a fantastic place to get your surreal design fix!

This guy thought he was just killing a few bees… Wrong! These pictures made my jaw drop!

Mystic Medusa asked about horoscope slogans for t-shirts, & the comments are amazing!

I feel bad for Yvette Vickers. How a Cult-Horror Starlet Became Mummified.

I don’t know what to think about this… Would you wear temporary lip tattoos? The cheetah & polka dots are pretty cute…

How big is your limbal ring? The bigger & blacker they are, the more attractive you are… Apparently!

I like Charlotte Rust’s house in Auckland.

I want to go to Surf & Bikini Boot Camp in Hawaii. Don’t you?! Let’s GO!!! (More details here.)

How To Shop At Discount Stores Without Looking Cheap — YES! Everyone needs to read this! Seriously useful.

I am officially seeing this as soon as it comes out!Screening info is here!

Bears on acid!