Carousel: Bits & Bobs!

Bonsoir! Hello from very chilly Wellington! I’m sitting in my parents’ living room, wearing one of my mother’s super-soft wool jumpers, drinking a cup of tea with the Rugby World Cup playing in front of me. How very New Zealand, eh?!

Here are some tidbits for your brain! Enjoy!

Don’t quit your day job… These girls took a Polaroid camera to the Eiffel Tower & snapped shots of tourists to make a quick buck! Love it!

Anna, who has been reading for ages, would love to be cast in Mad Men… & wouldn’t we all?! If you feel like helping make a girl’s dreams come true, you can vote for her here!

This piece, The Waitressing Life: The Honor Of A Second-Class Profession, is quite fab.

Ashley, who designs the prints at Betsey Johnson, has such a fun blog!

The time I became hated on the internet… This is interesting, & raises lots of good points. The comments do, too. Do we believe in forgiveness? At what point? How responsible are we when it comes to endorsing hate speech? (Etc. etc. etc.!)

Cute: a gallery of Beyonce & Jay-Z’s luuuuurve! & I am so excited that they’re having a BABY! That kid will turn out to be pretty interesting, huh?

Do you like Lady Gaga’s memorandum for V magazine?

“The first truth of change is that change happens, & we are ALWAYS in the middle of it.”

Cookie Monster + Tom Waits = !!!

Sera Beak is holding her Redvolution: Unleashing the Red Hot & Holy Feminine weekend workshop at the Omega Center in Rhinebeck, NY. “Redvolution is a fire-breathing, body-rocking, heart pumping, soul-smooching, deliciously unorthodox movement of the modern feminine divine…” Sounds DELICIEUX!

CNN published a list of the 10 best outdoor activities in New Zealand. I don’t know that I agree 100%, but it’s a good jumping-off point if you’re interested in coming over for a visit.

I love these photos of 1940s New York in colour! Also awesome: lesbian pulp fiction 1935-1958; subway cars tossed into sea (?!); 1920s Egypt in colour; the disappearing face of New York; & an abandoned New York movie theatre!

I really enjoyed this piece: How Kelly Osbourne transformed from bratty rock daughter to model young woman.

College Fashionista interviewed me, Karen Robinovitz, Eva Chen & Danielle Nachmani!

Christchurch !