Carousel: Bunny-Eared Beauty Edition!


Happy Friday! First things first: if you haven’t heard Jay-Z’s song for his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter — link below — you need to. It is heart-melting & surprisingly personal. (In it, he mentions that Beyonce had miscarried previously.) It’s really a beautiful song — even if you’re not usually a fan of H-O-V, you might find yourself enjoying it!

Alexandra Franzen writes about what is really possible.

Danielle Meder of Final Fashion wrote You, Too, Can Be A Self Creation. It’s all about the power of creating your own reality, & I was very flattered that she included me in her list!

Ten words you need to stop misspelling. It’s true. Have a read!

Awwww! This collection of cute vintage ice-cream trucks makes me feel all gooey inside. I have always wanted an old ice-cream truck. Don’t you think it would just be THE BEST thing?!

Seth Godin asks, is this the first thing you do when you sit down at the computer? Guilty. So guilty. Definitely need to break that habit!

If you want to help a girl get to college, check out Kisses For College. Kyrsten emailed me this morning & she could really use our help — see below.

I’m a 19 year old college student with probably no hope of going back to college – there is no way to get a student loan for me. You see, to credit companies I’m pretty much a ghost and my parents have not only been through bankruptcy but my mother was just diagnosed with Leukemia. With all the bills, no one in my family can even cosign a loan for me and be accepted. I need to make about $3,000 in three days in order to continue going to school. Last year, I started a project where I asked people to describe their first kisses, then painted them on postcard sized watercolor paper. Each kiss was titled with the description, the two people, and the year. I am restarting this commission-based painting in order to pay for my college – what better way than to spread the love! Ideally this is for couples who want to commemorate their first kiss, romantics, or people who just want a cute keepsake or to help do a good deed.

Here are some tips for single women from 1938. Her date seems like a real sourpuss!

What did high school girls wear in 1969? Now you know! Pretty freaking cute!

The evolution of cheerleaders is really interesting. It’s funny, too, to see the photos from 2010, because in my mind, cheerleaders are always the mostly wholesome, Jessica Wakefield type! (By the way, the comments get pretty heated down below!)

This is a quick history of Cosmopolitan magazine from 1896 to 1976! The changes are huge. I wish they would have continued all the way up to present day, but the cover from 1943 is so good that I forgive them!

I love these photos of circus performers from the 1940s & 1950s. Especially that first girl!

These pictures of abandoned & foreclosed homes in California are so sad.

New York in the 1960s was clearly quite fantastic!

Joanna Goddard writes about 5 weekend getaways near NYC. Essential information for any New Yorker!

Generic Things Everyone Does When Falling In Love. Hahaha. This is cynical, but true.

Here’s a list of things you need in order to stay happy, & I’d say it’s pretty much on the button.

Vegas “with my girls” is amazing! I love Las Vegas. Everything she says is true!

Post-Break Up Blog Post Titles. HA!!!

Do you, like me, hate sightseeing? I haaaate it! It’s so overrated. I would rather just float around a city & soak up the culture. So much more fun.

Why do all TV couples hate each other? It’s true, & it’s a bummer!

I am asexual (& it’s awesome!) is really interesting.

The state of the city, in your words from the New York Times. This paints some very different views of NYC from very different people.

Exit Left, Wordlessly is about a man who disappeared from his lover’s life without a word. It is bizarre, & fascinating.

Ahhh! I like taxidermy but this is definitely the world of extreme taxidermy. That pomeranian! My god!

After reading this article, I’m pretty keen to stay at the Hotel Pelicrocco in Brighton! LOOK AT THESE ROOMS!


Have a fantastic weekend!