Carousel: Comedy Groupies, Sexy Linguistics, And How To Seduce Any Star Sign!

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! A carousel made of flowers is my idea of a GOOD TIME.

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Spring is finally here, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! It has been a huge month for a lot of us, so here’s an enormous link round-up to give you something to smile about. Be warned: it’s a biggie! You might need to keep this open in a tab for a week…

My boyfriend loves fat women, and I’m still struggling with how I feel about it.

 Want to add more happiness to your home? Here are some easy Feng Shui tips.

The CEO of Aetna has his employees meditating and doing yoga. It’s kind of crazy that this is even worth writing a news story about, you know?!

Women are encouraged to apologise for our tears, to suppress our anger, and to fear being called hysterical. One in four American women now take psychiatric medication. “As a psychiatrist practicing for 20 years, I must tell you, this is insane.”

In the days leading up to menstruation, when emotional sensitivity is heightened, women may feel less insulated, more irritable or dissatisfied. I tell my patients that the thoughts and feelings that come up during this phase are genuine, and perhaps it’s best to re-evaluate what they put up with the rest of the month, when their hormone and neurotransmitter levels are more likely programmed to prompt them to be accommodating to others’ demands and needs.

It might get harder before it gets better (but it won’t be harder forever).

You’ll learn more if you take notes by hand. Even more of a reason to print out all those worksheets, Bootcamp babes!

Louis C.K. on shame, failures, and comedy groupies.

I love this article on how your punctuation says it all. Like how people only say “k” when they’re mad at you. Plus there is some sexy linguistics going on. Affective lengtheninggggg!

“You could drive yourself insane trying to decode the hidden messages in other people’s punctuation.”

What you do is who you become. So, what are you doing?

What I wish I’d known before writing a book.

On being a badass.

It’s not “badass” to survive a horrible situation without shedding a single tear. The real badass move, as women like McClelland and Addario show, is to fearlessly acknowledge how something has affected you and make space for others to do the same.

I tried Silicon Valley’s favourite brain-enhancing drugs. Okay, I didn’t, but the author of this article did!

Is ‘Transface’ a problem in Hollywood? Lots to think about here…

What I Learned In Girls’ School by Chelsea G. Summers.

I am, sad to say, straight. Men are so dull that I often wish I were not.

On failure and success in the game of fame, or why, when it comes to Wham!, Andrew Ridgeley is the winner and George Michael the loser.

Next time you want to share something, ask yourself, “So what?”

Avoid addictive time vampires in the morning, and just start working!

Twenty hours in a strip club.

James Altucher’s Ultimate Guide To Changing Your Life. Read if you really want a shake-up!

Om-ing by the Beach With Andrew Keegan, Former Teen Idol Turned Spiritual Guru. !!! To me, he’ll always be the “Damn, I was going for thoughtful” guy.

Damn, I was going for thoughtful

Someone asked Molly about her view on the sex industry and how her views tied in with her friendships.

These are the two most important people that will help keep you on track for your dreams!

This interview with Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge is a great conversation about creativity, running a business, and being online.

“I’ve learned not to put so much weight on the idea of being satisfied by one outlet. For a long time, I expected Design*Sponge to fill every possible void in my life… I enjoy my job more now that I don’t put so much pressure on it…”

Stop blaming social media for making you feel like shit. (There are many other factors to consider.)

You can copy and paste in VSCO now! Easy editing ahoy!

I love this idea: embroidered postcards! I wish I could buy the one they used for the demo. So cool.

Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, just passed after a battle with colon cancer… But he spent the last three years giving away as much money as he could. (Great article.)

Here’s some wisdom from Henry Rollins about how when the body is strong, the mind thinks strong thoughts.

If you’re a fan of supplements and natural beauty, this post — 11 Best Tips for Staying Beautiful When You Travel — will be right up your alley.

Pretty deep stuff: Shadow, power and world-making. “You always get exactly what you want – and often, unbeknownst to yourself – what you most want is very, very dark.”

What makes relationships work? Polarity!

Self-harm is not attention-seeking — it’s time to talk openly about the issue.

My friend John met Byron Katie! (And invited her to Burning Man!)

Naturally High: My Quest to Experience Different Realms Without Psychedelic Drugs. Can you “get there” without chemical enhancement?

Here’s a selection of photos that were too hard to keep. Fascinating: there are no captions, and you find yourself drawing conclusions and inventing stories.

7 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Lifestyle Business. Denise knows her shit, so listen up!

Meet the Willy Wonka of weed edibles!

Male models have thoughts and feelings about the Zoolander sequel. Of course they do.

Rick Owens on working out:

The extreme sensation of working out has replaced the mosh pits of my earlier years and the sex clubs for years after that. It’s a great combo of discipline, joyous release, meditation, and vanity.

There’s now an app that lets you text using Drake lyrics. Sure to annoy the hell out of ANYONE!

Here’s how to have a threesome.

Juicy Couture’s owners on launching that terry tracksuit and staging a comeback. I just finished their book, The Glitter Plan, and it’s a great read!

This is so amazing: New Zealand gang members are mowing lawns and making peace.

The first trailer for the Kurt Cobain documentary is here.

7 cultural concepts we don’t have in the U.S. that we should prrrrrobably start incorporating into daily life…

There’s a small town in Florida composed entirely of psychics, mediums and healers. Here are some photos.

Why is it so annoying to be reminded to be grateful?

Are you having an astrological transit? Here’s a quick and dirty 10 second transit guide!

Imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods.

The Prisma Visions tarot deck is gorgeous!

Season Of The Witch: why young women are flocking to the ancient craft.

Charmcore is a silly witch blog that will encourage ye olde wry smile.

Every morning, after bats fetch me my robes and crows dress me (there is a spell for reaching back-buttons, but why when I have crows)…

Wanna get high on chocolate? Why not participate in a cacao ceremony?! (I am SO in.)

If Marvin Gaye’s estate can sue Robin Thicke and Pharrell over similarities between “Got to Give it Up” and “Blurred Lines,” I bet we can do this for every song on the current Hot 100. Homer Simpson + Usher is my favourite.

What if your job is to match people up for threesomes?

So, I’m dating a Scorpio… Kitty Cavalier has mini cheat-sheets to help you seduce any astrological sign!

American Apparel is trying to reinvent itself with a female CEO.

Knowing when to move on? Priceless. (Suze Orman on intuition and why she stopped doing her show.)

Negativity Online, an essay inspired by 200,000 comments.

What should you do if your partner keeps groping you?

This guy found peace through self-amputation.

What makes someone a creep?

MMs is a “miracle cure” for autism. It’s also… bleach. This is crazy.

“Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that traces to early fetal development. You can’t bleach it away, and autistic people deserve respect and attention to their personhood,” said Willingham.

Shine Theory: why powerful women make the greatest friends.

Russian witch Baba Yaga’s guide to feminism.

Subvert traditional gender roles by taking a common kitchen implement and using it for your nefarious feminist activities. For example, fly around in a mortar and wield the pestle as your weapon. WHO’S MAKING ARTISANAL SPICE BLENDS NOW, EH? The answer? Not you. Because you’re too busy oppressing men to even think about setting foot in the kitchen.

WWD is no longer printing a daily edition.

People are still using typewriters, and here’s why they’re great.

I loved this interview with Madonna.

Here’s a feature on Ad-Rock (Beastie Boys), where he talks about looking back — and forward. Ever since MCA (one of his creative collaborators) passed, he’s been questioning where he should be and what he should do next. I think this is comforting in some way. When your life changes, no matter how successful you might be, it’s totally normal to feel displaced and explore what you want to do next.

Quit worrying and embrace the thirst trap.

I love Alexandra’s email guidelines for the world.

Trans women are not drag queens. Nope. Not even close to the same thing.

How To Put Your Own Magic Into An Object: The Secret of Amulets, Good Luck Charms and Talismans.

Why not empty the tank every single time?

Girl On Girl: The Depressing Realization That I Will Always be Straight.

Photographers answer the question, what is the most precarious situation you’ve found yourself in while shooting?

Disco Dog! This is an awesome Kickstarter, and yes, totally unnecessary.

The haunted doll market is thriving on eBay! Creeeeeepy.

17 Creme Egg recipes that will make you drool on yourself. I’m so tempted.

iPhone tips that’ll take your selfie game to the next level.

Here’s how to become a morning exerciser. Only if you want to, of course…

A TED speaker coach shares 11 tips for right before you go onstage.

How can I be as great as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson?

I’ve only been to New Orleans once, but it blew my MIND and I’m aching to go back. One of my BFFs, Jess, wrote the ultimate first timer’s guide to New Orleans… And it should be considered essential reading before heading to the Crescent City.

A Bechdel test for music. The Bechdel test indicates gender bias in film, and is a simple three-parter. In order to pass the test, it needs to meet the following criteria: 1) It has to have at least two women in it, 2) They have to talk to each other, 3) They have to talk about something other than a man.

Here are 10 things to know before you go to outer space.

This famous actress stole all her Instagrams from other people. And Photoshopped herself into “behind the scenes” photos. And onto the red carpet. IT’S SO WEIRD!

Why is South Korea the world’s plastic surgery capital? This article is totally fascinating.

A Psychological Evaluation of Dennis Hof, America’s Most Famous Brothel Owner.

There’s an underground squirrel doctor in NYC!

Why do severed goat heads keep turning up in Brooklyn? Geez…

Violet Grey is one of my favourite stores in L.A., and this interview with Cassandra Grey, co-founder, is wonderful — and smart.

On Drake and the problem with aging rappers.

Keep your bum clean, okay?

Leave yourself a wider margin, no matter what line of work you’re in.

How can you turn your side-passion into a business? This is some very smart advice from my friend Ellen Fondiler.

How can you dare to begin if you’re a perfectionist?

In general, we can only start working when the fear of not doing anything, finally exceeds the fear of doing it badly.

Dog or Jewish boyfriend? A quiz by Lena Dunham.

How did beautiful women of the past maintain their beauty? (And how can you get in on the action?)

You do not have to be fuckable to be valuable.

Fashion Police Was Nasty and Dated. SO MUCH YES. I always hated that show and everything it stood for.

None of the mean humor on the Fashion Police feels merited. It mostly feels like it is lashing out at women—who really just make movies for our amusement—for failing to meet an impossible standard of perfection. During a time when Meghan Trainor is joyfully proclaiming “It’s all about that bass” and Lena Dunham is featured in Vogue, shaming women for gaining a few pounds seems not only unkind, but retrograde.

Here’s how pink became a colour for girls.

On Loneness and Loneliness explores the subject of being alone and happy, and uses Sex & The City as a reference point. It is gooooood.

Having watched the entire Sex and the City series more than once, I came to discover the ultimate thematic element that ties together the romantic lives of all four women: settling. … We mustn’t fling ourselves at others in an attempt to find ourselves. It is only through becoming fully present in our seasons of loneness and solitude will we discover our true self.

Win a box of Acquacures skincare! (Mariah’s line is gorgeous.)

Let Cookie Monster be your life coach!

Please, let’s stop with reality tv confessionals.

Here’s the real reason why some people are bad for you.

Decorating tips for the ENFP (and all the other personality types are at the bottom of the page!).

All-women boardinghouses still exist in NYC! I had no idea.

A collection of redacted complaints against Amtrak start to sound like poetry.

What are some beautiful images of death as a concept or idea? (This made me cry, so, if you’re feeling tender, don’t click!)

How can you stop hating fat people?

Here are some mind-blowing facts about Switzerland!

The Divine Witches of Cyberspace, or, getting your fortune told online.

Here are 10 words every girl should learn. Socialized male speech dominance is a significant issue, not just in school.

These names of the year are so incredible.

This article is completely brilliant. Monica Lewinsky Is Back, but This Time It’s on Her Terms. Her TED Talk is embedded below, too.







Have a beautiful weekend!