Carousel: Curl Up With A Cup Of Tea & Enjoy!

Liz HamPhoto by Liz Ham.

Hey bunny! Happy weekend! It has been a crazy week for me, with lots of running around the city. It’s New York Fashion Week, which keeps everyone very busy, so I hope you’ll forgive that this isn’t the most action-packed Carousel! I’ve barely been home to do any reading. Boo!

Nevertheless, I hope you make time to click through some of these links this weekend… Get some rest, drink plenty of water, & have fun!

Jazzi is one of the best fashion DIY-ers I’ve ever known. Look at her faux-Givenchy heels!

I love these love stories!

I’m so tempted to make this avocado ice-cream! Sounds perfect for summer, no?

Would you like to read about Marilyn Monroe’s beauty routine?

Celine did a round-up of some of the best celebrity shoe closets. So good. You know whose is my favourite, though? The closet belonging to Paris Hilton. Unbelievable.

Here are my posts for ChinaShop this week! Here Be Dragons is a visual feast of the Chinese New Year, “Whatever You Do, Don’t Go To Allan & Suzi…” is my exploration of — dare I say it — the MOST incredible vintage store in NYC, & don’t miss Victoria Beckham Shows Us A New Look! I love, love, love her new direction!

“When I started it was all about the corset dress. That’s what people associated me with, & possibly if I’m honest a sign of my own insecurities as well. But the older I get & the more comfortable I am in my own skin, the more I realise that to look great & feel great I haven’t always got to wear something tight.” — Victoria Beckham

If you’re in Melbourne & you are NOT planning on going to this event — organised by my BFF — you are missing out, on an epic scale. Don’t Mess With Texas!

Yay, California! Appeals court rejects California’s Proposition 8!

Shrinkle finally wrote up a little account of Nubby & I coming to L.A. — in JUNE!!!

I always love learning more about how to improve intimate relationships. These two posts — 10 Things That Have Made All the Difference & Tuesday Questions — are quite thought-provoking. Do you regularly check in with your partner(s)?

Smile, you’re gorgeous!