Carousel: Delights On Friday The 13th!

Fabulous Follies!

Happy Friday the 13th! I love this week’s Carousel. It’s juicy & full of interesting tidbits. I think you’ll love it too!

Manic Nation: Why Americans Are Anxious, Stressed, Depressed and Fat (And What We Can Do About It) or “How modern American culture has outrun the biology of our brains”. This is fascinating, though I think the title of the article is kinda unfortunate…

“The computer is electronic cocaine for many people,” says Whybrow. “Our brains are wired for finding immediate reward. With technology, novelty is the reward. You essentially become addicted to novelty.”

The story of Wearelucky: “I decided to pass on my good luck to others by giving away £1,000 every day. I planned to give the money to complete strangers – someone different every time – and all I’d ask is that they’d do something positive with the cash. I didn’t just want to share the money; I wanted to share the responsibility that came with it. I would take a few photos, ask a few questions and build a gallery of Lucky people and stories.”

Budge will remind you to do things! Sounds good, huh?

Kat interviewed the Made U Look girls in this great post! (In case you hadn’t guessed yet, I adore them!)

This video of Naomi & Josh (& Eleanor!) from Rockstar Diaries is so sweet.

Frank Ocean came out as bisexual last week & I’m so happy for him. Here is some rad stuff about it from The Globe & Mail & Life & Times.

If you’re in search of a summer project, this Summer Manifesto, which you can download, print out & fill in, is such a great idea!

Time Out New York compiled a list of their 100 best movies about New York. Fab if you’ve got the itch to visit, but no plans to get on a plane!

My father emailed me this interview about how our mindset — fixed or growth — defines our life, & even talks about how the self-esteem movement has hurt us. It’s very compelling stuff.

The interior of the Cioccolato Pastry Store is GORGEOUS!

I’m totally loving the inside of Bangkok University, too. Stunning!

Why Killing Time Isn’t A Sin. My favourite line? “Life is for living, not productivity.” PREEEEEEACH!

This article from the New York Times is all about shyness & pseudo-extroversion. Very interesting stuff.

If you’re heading to Paris any time soon — LUCKY! — check out these tips for brunch on a budget in the 10th arrondissement!

I met Laurie Penny quite recently & she’s an extremely smart & entertaining writer & activist. This interview between Laurie & another of my friends, Mer, is so compelling.

Also, I love what Laurie said about women “having it all” is a middle-class myth… & that there are much more important things going on in this world. Oh, & here’s an essay on the same subject, which says it’s easy to “have it all”: just don’t have children.

My point is: there are lots of great things to do in life… having children is only one of them.

Prospective minions, good news! There’s an evil genius seeking your assistance!

The Glittering World is a photography project about the transgender Native American pageant called Miss Trans World Indian. The photos make me smile!

If You Don’t Respect Sluts, You Don’t Respect Women from Charlie Glickman. UGH! Charlie! You are so great!

I might have posted this before, but it’s worth a repeat. Crazy Talk: The Do-What-You-Love Guide.

Ben & Jerry’s are giving away free Greek frozen yoghurt (which I can attest is SO DELICIOUS) in their tour of the U.S.A. this summer!

More reasons to move to NYC: free wifi at payphone kiosks.

Ever wanted to know how to kill an online troll?

I enjoyed this short but sweet piece on being happy from The Ranty Girl!

Now THIS is a good topic: Twinkie wrote about the neutering of her blog, & reminisces about the good ol’ days when we were all so honest & raw online. Things done changed… & not necessarily for the better.

Promise Tangeman asked my BFF Nubby Twiglet, what’s in your creative toolbox? I loved her answers!

Mia Freedman’s piece on why she axed the Dolly magazine modelling contest is directly related to this story of how magazines influenced a girl’s eating disorder.

Racked wrote about how The Age of the Blogazine Is Upon Us: Style Blogs Now Aspire To Be “Part Jezebel, Part Vogue”. I think the move to blogs becoming more editorial is interesting. I understand why there’s a shift — more professional-looking, more cachet, more profitability — but I also think the shift is going to make room for another wave of new, under-the-radar “outsiders” who will slot into the space bloggers used to occupy. This definitely ties in with what Twinkie said about the neutering of her blog!

Aw! The Traveller’s Guide To Happiness!

My babe-o-rama hairdresser Kristin is the star of a DIY video on how to do victory rolls!

If you haven’t read this by now, you must have just been… too busy! Read it immediately, if not sooner: The Busy Trap.

Up & Running is an incredible course which aims to get you to run your first 5, 10 or even 21k race! I was going to use their course to train for the ColorRun, but it sold out almost immediately — mega sad face! Anyway, their course is fantastic & if you need a little motivation or coaching, check it out!

Plenty Of Color is the most colourful blog I’ve ever seen…

I’m in love with the identity for Round Hill Music. Man, that is good-lookin’!

Loved this fascinating piece on current beauty trends around the world!

If you want to listen to something that’ll rock your world, try Sera Beak’s radio show, Shootin’ The Spiritual Shit!

How to break habits!

Nicki Minaj is awesome.

Have a brilliant weekend!