Carousel: Diana Vreeland’s Freckle Obsession, Teenage Bedrooms As A Summary Of Life, & Betty & Veronica, Repurposed!


Happy Friday!

I hope this marks the start of a beautiful Easter weekend. I would love to go egg-hunting (of course!), but it’s supposed to rain, & I’ve planned to sequester myself in my office all weekend, writing… Well, maybe I’ll run out for a damp little jaunt! It’s a celebration of spring, after all!

Stone Cold Internet Princesses… This makes me really happy. (Did you prefer Betty or Veronica? I was always — no big surprise — a Veronica girl.)

I laughed SOOOO HARD reading the advice about tampons: Deafening Tampons, Spring Breakers, and the 26-Year-Old Virgin.

This kind of follows on from my childfree article this week — Do This No. 4: Sailing Through the Diaper Changes of One’s Life. Or, what do I do when my friend has a baby & our friendship all of a sudden sucks? (The answer? Be compassionate.)

I love this profile on Lynn Tilton! What Does It Take for a Female Tycoon to Get Noticed Around Here?

Her brand of femininity is so over-the-top, so cartoonish, it’s as if she were playing a part, the Wonder Woman of Wall Street. But this is pretty much how she sees herself: an Ayn Rand heroine in six-inch heels who has men stay the night, then eats them for breakfast. “I’ll be your girlfriend,” she’s told clients, “but I won’t be your bitch.”

“My job is to make men better men,” Tilton often says, and that includes teaching lessons to the ones who try to hold her back. Like Claudio Gemme, the CEO of Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali, a producer of electric motors and generators, who failed to treat Tilton with proper respect when she first came to tour the soon-to-be-bankrupt factory in Genoa in 2005.

“He was like, ‘In Italy, we like-a the women,’ ” she says. “ ‘We like-a them in the bedroom. We like-a them in the kitchen. Not in the boardroom.’ I’m thinking, I’m going to buy this company, and I’m going to fire these arrogant men.” A week later, at the bankruptcy auction, when Gemme, who had been at the company for 32 years, failed to provide essential paperwork, Tilton grabbed him by the knot of his tie and, in a boardroom full of people, shoved him against the wall. “You’ve showed me no respect and no appreciation,” she hissed. “Today I can give your company away. So when I say ‘Step right,’ you step right. When I say ‘Step left,’ you step left. Do you understand that dance?

Love this! Possibly the most reassuring life advice I’ve been given by Sarah Wilson. Are you a scanner too? I definitely am.

The worst & saddest of Yahoo! Answers is hilarious… & awful, all at the same time.

Of course, I love OKCupid’s charts about sex. It’s very cool, they use the data from all their dating profiles to draw statistical conclusions about people’s sexual habits. If only my statistics classes at university were so interesting!!!

Mystic Medusa raises an interesting question about teenage bedrooms: “What if the bedroom you have at 15 is more or less your LIFE CULTURE?” Scary, no? I think my bedroom at 15 still sums up exactly who I am!

The ballerina project is quite beautiful.

So, this week I discovered something funny… My idol, Diana Vreeland, used to dictate notes to her assistants while she sat on the toilet. HAHAHA. I kind of love it! Anyway, Letters Of Note (new favourite blog) unearthed these (toilet) notes of hers, which I adore.

I am extremely disappointed that no one has taken the slightest interest in freckles on the models… I heartily suggest that we get going as soon as possible on this delicious coquetery…

I’ve made no secret of my new-found love for The Rockstar Diaries… I’ve been working my way through it backwards. I’m up to October 2009 right now. How often do you find a blog you want to read in its entirety? It is a rare & wonderful thing, & I am savouring every second!

Jazzi’s Olsenboye videos are so cute!!! I miss her!

Shae has rebranded her site(s)! She now has Shae Detar for all her art & photography — by the way, you should TOTALLY have her shoot your wedding — & she has redone her personal blog, which is all about her adventures. BLESS! & how could anyone not love a girl with a bio like this?! I love you Shae!

Pink is the best colour, & Kris Atomic is a fancy fillie, so of course her pink illustrations are magnifique!

Image: Ribonita.

P.S. Don’t forget to wear ears this weekend!