Carousel: Did You Know Tom Hardy Can Rap?!


Happy Friday! I’m posting this bright & early before I head off for a full day of filming with my buddy Isaac & a very special guest! Party time, excellent.

In other news, my parents arrive from New Zealand tonight, & Mike & I are so excited to see them! It’s been almost a year since I saw them last, & being on the opposite side of the world totally sucks sometimes. So we will be galavanting around the city & doing family stuff. I can’t wait!

Oh… & in case you don’t follow me on Twitter, I wanted to say a very loud & heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who read my piece yesterday. The responses were absolutely amazing & I am so grateful. Thank you so much!

My first piece for xoJane was about embracing my inner weirdo. My second piece was all about my friend Amy’s FANTASTIC FACE! (She’s a mega-babe.)

I just fell IN LOVE with Emily Henderson’s blog, & this post — 15 do’s & don’ts when trying to get (& keep) a design internship — is excellent. It applies to all people who are new to the job world, I think.

Weird & fun things to do if you visit New York: stay at the Boatel! (Yes… it’s a hotel of boats!)

Pinterest, Tumblr and the Trouble With ‘Curation’ from the New York Times. Yes, yes, yes. There is so much I want to say about this whole subject but I think the New York Times probably summed it up better than I ever could!

Are you curious to hear 6 well-intentioned ways you’re ruining your dog? I was!

My sweet friend Debra wrote to tell me about Dreams of the Last Butterflies, a dark fairytale film project. Click, watch, swoon, support!

Email is the bane of our lives. Truly.

I found this so interesting: Artist puts together collection of self-portraits while on different drugs.

Issue 2 of Rock N Roll Bride magazine is out now! It’s written by Kat (my favourite Brit) & designed by Nubby (my favourite Oregonian!) & it’s GORGE. So buy a copy, okay?!

This story about orgies & debauchery in Olympic Village is absolutely fascinating! I never knew!

So brilliant: the 10 best marriage vows you never hear. One of my favourites? “I promise to make sure I’m not just hungry, before I yell at you.”

Yelp is finally getting the dramatic readings of reviews it has always wanted. Hahah. I love Yelp as a resource but people there can be a little intense…

These photos of Tata-Naka are so good it hurts.

Have you seen this site which matches bikinis & book covers? It’s weird but cool, all at the same time.

More than a little bit in love with this rainbow collection!

There’s a documentary about supermodels as they age which sounds fascinating. The article about it is great, & I love Carol Alt’s quote below. (Did you know she is a major raw foodist? She is very interesting.)

“There comes a point at which you are a precious commodity,” Ms. Alt said in a phone interview, “because there is nobody else like you.”

On the Predominance of Cupcakes as a Cultural Form, or, “What the fuck is up with all the cupcakes?”

How To Stop The Snarky Voice In Your Head From Killing Your Productivity. I love this!

I laughed really hard when I read How to Write by Colson Whitehead.

7 Reasons Why I Can’t Do “Free” — great advice for business owners or freelancers.

Joanna Goddard’s bathroom makeover is so inspiring! (Her before looks like our bathroom: dingy & teeny!) What a difference a lick of paint makes…

If you need a dose of cute, this story about Linus the dog will do the trick. I mean, damn. I haven’t met Daniel but everything he writes makes me think he is the best person ever.

Um, so have you heard Tom Hardy rapping KRS-One?!
I love love love these random compliments!

I hope you have the best weekend EVER! Or at least, a close second!