Carousel: DIY Gold Elbow Patches & Parisian Apartments!

CarouselPaste-ups by Bei Badgirl!

Happy weekend! The sun is streaming through the window of our apartment in the East Village & I’m sitting next to a bunny (!!!) & Hank, who I don’t torture quite as much… ! The three of us are waiting for the IKEA men to come calling, & then I’m going to smile sweetly at my husband while he slaves over a Billy bookcase! Last time I tried to help put IKEA furniture together, I stripped the screws with my ham-fisted screw-driving, & it was decided that we’d be better off if Mike performed those kinds of tasks! (Fine by me… Hahah!)

I had a huge, huge day yesterday which included a rainbow parade, two brainstorming meetings at Veselka, a party at jcpenney for the end of our MNG by MANGO mission, & finished up with Uber Chocolate Fest 2011 (TM) at Max Brenner! So this Carousel is a little belated, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a goodie… !

Steve Jobs in his own words… Great quotes.

7 ways to have more by owning less is all about collaboration & sharing of resources. I kinda love these ideas!

Why We Love: 5 Books on the Psychology of Love for anyone who wants to understand more about it!

This book, Everything Is Going To Be OK, looks great. The perfect coffee table book for positive people!

I’m not sure if I linked this before, but this geographical mapping of European stereotypes is so interesting!

Jon Crispin is photographing the contents of past asylum inhabitants suitcases. It is totally fascinating.

Sarah Wilson writes about how to work out your values then move forward.

Vogue remembers Loulou de la Falaise. Such an inspiring article!

“It is fantastic to work beside Yves,” Loulou told Vogue after 20 years of collaboration, “We both believe fantasy is such a vital element of fashion. We tend to think of ourselves as gypsies who have just returned with a marvelous caravan of incredible finds from the exotic reaches of the earth. But we have to make the caravan ourselves. Our Orient is our imagination.”

Zooey Deschanel was even awesome when she was 17.

I like this meditation that Tamera shared.

My friend Dena wrote about how cognitive behavioural therapy saved her life.

I want to DIY my own gold elbow patches!

Have you heard about the #mencallmethings meme on Twitter? Time has some insights.

The world is a small place. My Girl Friday, Lydia Hudgens, shot the wedding of Braxton & Roxanne (a girl I have been following online since about 1998), & it was featured on the blog of my friend Kat. See?!

Kris Atomic’s Chronic Bitchface print is now available in size XL! You can put it on your door & then people will finally understand! (I suffer from Chronic Bitchface, too!)

Adventures in Depression is so, so funny.

You all know how much I love Drake. Here’s his GQ&A.

GQ: Who’s the ideal girl for Drake?

Drake: Who’s the ideal girl? She is very funny, very supportive, understands that right now I’m trying to build with somebody. The ideal girl is driven, working on something other than modeling or being a singer…

GQ: Or being seen.

Drake: Or being seen! She’s probably in New York to be honest with you. There are a lot of good women in New York.

Jordan wrote about staying in a Paris apartment, which I’ll definitely be doing next time I’m there! Staying in an apartment is a great option when you’re in a new city, because you get to experience what it’s really like to live there. I love hotels as much as the next girl, but apartments are usually much larger & more cost-effective!

Also from Oh Happy Day, I love this Thanksgiving pie topper. I am nowhere near that crafty or clever (or motivated!) to do something of the kind, but I know one of you will be!

Here’s an interview with a former teen mom.

I like this piece on the quarter-life anti-crisis from Thought Catalog!

90 Days One Dream looks SO BEAUTIFUL! That photography… UGH! Absolutely incredible. Killer.

Have you ever considered making modern wall art with paint swatches?! Could be a fun weekend project!

This travelling picnic case — made from an old suitcase! — is so clever!

Elsiecake wrote about 5 ways to display family photos (love these ideas!), & encourages you to make your own canvas portrait!

Every floor of this hotel is different. I like the white space-age one!

…& THIS hotel is designed to look like a volcano… & it shoots out water! AHHHH! So fun! I love it!

20 artists re-imagine their childhood drawings. This is fantastic!

Let’s have a party in this green mile tunnel in the Ukraine!

Love these photos of dancers in the streets of Russia.

Spectacular Australian star trails = magical.

These glow-in-the-dark posters of NYC & San Francisco are brilliant. The illustration reveals the hidden nature of a city at night! Needless to say, I bought one. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Have a fantastic couple of days! Get some rest, breathe deeply, & smile!