Carousel: Don’t Say Nothing!

Don't Say Nothing by Anthony BurrillPrint by Anthony Burrill — if you like it, click to buy!

Hallelu, Friday! I can barely even tell what day it is, this week has been a complete blur! I am so ready to have a kicked-back weekend, how about you?!

I love Obama. Especially when he cries with happiness when thanking & encouraging his team.

What will Playboy bunnies wear in India? A pressing & important question, for sure!

Did you know you can make your own makeup remover wipes? How great is that?! (By the way, as much as I love coconut oil, I find that it clogs my pores. Olive oil seems to be a much better option for me personally, so you might want to give that a shot!)

Veronica Varlow is a thoroughly modern witch. Let her tell you about forming your own badass gang of inspiration.

These pictures of the Miss NASA pageant from the late 1960s are fabulous.

Fascinating: Some Things to Consider When You Think You Want to be a Prostitute.

I am not a good DIYer but I really need to make this sequin sweater!

James Bond sure got a lot of action.

The porn you watch doesn’t necessarily change what kind of friskiness occurs in the bedroom.

I loved this extremely real post by Andie, who lost 135lbs. Actually, of her blog is amazing. Like this.

Haha! Rally of White Power clowns drowned out by bunch of actual clowns!

Eleven Eleven Eleven by one of my favourite women, Angeliska.

39 reasons not to stick your fingers down your throat today by Emily, whom I love. Related: me & my bulimic teeth.

I want to go to the Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico!

An extremely brutal restaurant review. Get ready… Here it is. (Why would anyone name anything “Donkey Sauce”?)

This post from Alexandra Franzen — The “It’s Not Rocket Science” Approach To Making Your Dreams Come True — is essential reading.

From The Independent: Be nice & you’ll be happy! (Just in case you needed extra incentive…)

Hey international playgirls, did you hear about Finnair x Marimekko?!

Playing around my new Instagram web profile, I discovered Instagram’s blog. It’s awesome. See? Cool.

This is so cool: an Instagram projector!

Kris Atomic drew every December issue gift guide ever! ON POINT!

Would you like to know how to make every decision the right one? This is perfect.

Jordan from Oh Happy Day is doing the cutest tutorials lately! I love this spraypaint chalk idea, these light-up letters, this moon pinata & this paper party necklace! Clever clever…

Seth Godin is the best. Do you hang out in the whiner’s room? & what does your circle look like?

I wish every day looked like this…

Ze Frank talks about sex.

…& about public speaking.

Predictably, Paris Hilton’s closet is pretty badass. & I like her sunglasses display idea!

Hahahah. & she has a PHOTOBOOTH in her living room!

Favourite song right now. I feel like Stef would have a heart attack knowing his video was posted after one of Paris Hilton! (Sorry kid.)

This is cool. Doesn’t it make you want to ride?!

More excellent music. Robert Raimon Roy is a good egg.

Phew! That’s enough outta me. Here’s hoping these links give you many hours of delight!

Have an extra-fun weekend!