Carousel: Erin Fetherston’s Apartment & Strippers On The Subway!


Friday entertainment! I was barely in my apartment, so it’s a little Carousel this week!

Silent Sundays is a new online boutique from Rhiannon of Liebemarlene. If you love romantic modern pieces mixed with vintage & lots of sweet dresses, you’ve found your holy grail. Rhiannon herself is also pretty damn cute!

Oprah’s last show was pretty classy.

Marie interviewed Richard Simmons!!! I love Richard Simmons!

Romy emailed me about Jono Lancaster, a guy with Treacher Collins. His story is amazing, & like Romy says, “His acceptance of himself, I think, really is the epitome of radical self love!” I couldn’t agree more! Here’s a video, too.

Erin Fetherston’s Tribeca apartment is beyond sublime. Wildfox Couture posted this article scan of hers, too.

Half-Naked Male Stripper Works the Pole on the Subway. New York at its finest. I love how most of the people sitting there just don’t care!

Miu Miu! Fall Lookbook! Orgasmic! Witness the fitness!

This is my new favourite photo.

Subversively sex positive. I’m into it.

You don’t have to understand it – but ideally, you will choose to respect their choice and support them in it.

Courtney Comes Clean, & part two. Everyone loves an interview with Courtney Love, do they not?!

HelloGiggles is a new site for women founded by Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi & Molly McAleer. What do you think? Secret admission: I didn’t know who Molly McAleer is. Now I do… & I like her a whole bunch.

‘Bikini-Ready’? Who’s Judging? Plus, Norma Kamali is awesome.

It might just be cheaper to gain a fresh perspective. “If you feel your body is strong, and you’re in good shape, you’re halfway there,” said Norma Kamali, 65, the designer of (among other things) modestly retro bathing suits, who now also has a wellness cafe in Manhattan. “You’re not going to go out looking for surgery to fill up your breasts, you’ll be satisfied and comfortable.”

This is my new favourite song!

I love this show.