Carousel: Female Rock Stars, The Sexiest Creative Pursuits, And Swapping Bourbon For A Bong!


Meow, kittens! I hope you’ve had a wonderful month. It has been a BIG one, no?! I’m gearing up to head over to Europe in a week and a half, and I’m so excited! Bring it on!

Here are some of the smartest, weirdest, and funniest things I found online this past month. Enjoy! (And by the way, if you want a little taste of this every week, sign up for my newsletter! I send out a handful of links just like this in every email.)

Whisper porn is real!

What’s the opposite of FOMO? FOGO!

Maybe we should swap the bourbon for a bong.

Chrissy Teigen has stopped editing her Instagram photos, and this is why.

What happened to the female rock star?

Try some of these unique birthday rituals next time your solar return rolls around!

I liked this a lot: The days are long but the decades are short.

Here’s how 4 of the world’s most connected people network.

Amy Schumer is awesome. Especially ‘Girl You Don’t Need Makeup’!

The difference between hahaha and hehehe. (I used heheh as a teenager. Now I’ve switched to hahah. How about you?)

5 reasons why every witch needs to ditch the Standard American Diet right now…

What forms of creativity turn you on? This article also features lists of the 10 sexiest — and least sexy — creative pursuits.

This woman gave up her $95k job to move to the Caribbean and scoop ice cream.

Slave girl no more: a guide to the phases of womanhood.

For my astrobabes: what to read when you’re having a transit.

I loved this post on the internal marriage (a commitment to ourselves, aka radical self love!). It’s a take on David Whyte by my old buddy Sarah Wilson.

Tim Ferriss has some practical thoughts on suicide.

If you’re going to Vegas, you need to see this secret light show! Hallucinations, oh my!

You can book a crying room in Tokyo…

You’ll get more sign-ups if your homepage is minimal.

The one thing that increases my happiness by James Altucher is a really beautiful piece about friendship.

Here’s a comprehensive collection of comedians tweeting about their flights. Some of it is nonsense, but some of it is GREAT.

How should you treat the homeless? Pretty common sense stuff, really, but it’s an eye-opener.

You can pay $4k to feel what it’s like when you die. The goal is to combat suicide rates in Korea.

You’re never going to retire. This idea can be exhausting… Or it can be liberating. (Your choice!)

“Smart women don’t retire. They break free from working full-time to living full-time.” — Gail Rentsch

This girl shut down her school’s sexist dress code with a simple note.

Paul Jarvis wrote an awesome post which asks, What do you do when the trolls come marching in?

Progress as a creative is impossible if we let our fear dictate our actions and our art. It’s why Seth Godin doesn’t have comments on his website. We should be more concerned with our work being an honest representation of ourselves than hoping it’s not going to offend anyone.

Anne Lamott on why she hates Mother’s Day. It’s a really intense piece but it’s an interesting point of view!

Jay-Z and Beyonce want to put you in a vegan state of mind.

An open letter to all my friends who take selfies. Awwww!

This is a terrible piece on how NYC manicurists are underpaid and unprotected, and another one on how manicurists are being poisoned, getting cancer, and having miscarriages because they constantly handle chemicals. And if this bothers you — and it should! — here’s how to be a socially-conscious nail salon customer. This story just kept on growing and growing: after it came out, they announced a nail salon grading system may be in the works, and Governor Cuomo ordered emergency measures to protect workers. Right on!

Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill was a powerful, DIY feminist statement back when it came out in 1995! This is a look back at the making of the album.

It turns out that diet and religion are very similar.

Here’s why you should go to the movies alone — and do other stuff alone, too! #radicalselflovedate forever!

Science says lasting relationships come down to two basic traits.

Lifelong friends built a row of tiny houses in the middle of nowhere. Aw.

Running a small biz? What you can learn from “Big Evil Corporations” who are making money hand over fist.

Want to live in a castle? You could… But not if you wear mascara more than twice a week, have a psychiatric prescription, or have attended more than one protest. (WOW.)

Cosmic Cuties! “Your stretch marks are like awesome little lightning bolts.”

These illustrations made me happy.

I loved Martha Stewart’s top shelf (an interview about the beauty products she uses). The comments crack me up too — I like this one, which said, “You can just FEEL how little bullshit she puts up with… it’s a pretty crazy thing how someone’s top shelf can be empowering.”

Feminist Lisa Frank is a good Tumblr.

I loooove Yoko Ono. You should too. (Read the article, then go see her show at MoMA!)

Agency is a really, really funny web show about a creative advertising firm. And it was filmed in New Zealand so it’s riddled with cute accents. I recommend!

Did you know there are small charter flights dedicated to helping you join the Mile High Club? One such operation is called FlamingoAir (yes!) and their service is called “flights of fancy”. HA! Here are some raunchy tales from one of their pilots.

Here’s what to do after you have a breakthrough. (You’re going to shrink after you expand, so, listen closely.)

There are now plenty of options for solo travellers.

In Boston, they take parking spaces really seriously.

No food, no farts, no drama.


The man in apartment 105 needs to cover up.

Dear young gay couple in 1993…

This is just… Wow.

A guide to dining with a Sugar Baby, from a Beverly Hills Sugar Daddy. This guy is a massive douche, but, you know… It’s always interesting to know how other people live.

I’m not lying. It’s just that the truth has changed. (I love this. Powerful.)

Trigger warning: Rapists explain themselves on Reddit, and we should listen.

Theresa Reed wrote a killer post about business frenemies. Read up!

“Most of us have been taught to “be nice” and use indirect forms of aggression when we are upset. So when we sense that the Power Dead-Even Rule has been violated, we stomp off, gossip, snipe, snub, and withhold friendship” … “This indirect form of aggression, which is automatic to us, maintains the power and self-esteem of the person who feels angry and powerless.”

How would the gods and characters of antiquity portrayed in classical paintings look if they appeared alongside us in the modern world?

Here are 7 reasons women need to support other women.

Michelle was a “proud non-breeder”. Then she changed her mind.

An oral history of Betsey Johnson’s career, as told by John Cale, Cyndi Lauper, Fern Mallis, Patricia Field, and more.

If you’re not reading Hiya Tootsie! yet, what the hell is WRONG with you?! Read the whole thing, back to front. Heather is a JOYFUL BADASS.

I am not sorry for any of the choices I’ve made to chase the kind of life I want and nail it to the wall. Is it hard? Yes. Am I sorry? Not by a long shot. I carry a .905 joy caliber that blasts holes through the mundane, the expected, and the just ok. Make no mistake, this confidence does not come from a place of princess entitlement. It comes from a place of practicing a woman’s worth. I refuse to apologize for my worth. Hop on board this train with me and I promise you will never look back.

Here are 20 super-weird Barbie dolls.

Louise writes about how you can be positive and still say no with aplomb!

Why are there so many shuttered storefonts in the West Village? Sad…

Did you know that acupuncture can help heal heartbreak? Interesting stuff!

The Everything Guide to the Early Morning. I find it tricky to wake up early, but when I do, it feels so rewarding! This article is a good reminder not to hit the snooze button every morning…

Veronica wrote about how to get wildly inspired, but really, it’s about dreams, poison, and rocking it OUT with your favourite co-conspirators.

It was on that night, I revealed my dreams, and what brought me to NYC. The bartender was about 5 years older than me and while everyone nodded along with her, she said something like this…. “You need a backup plan. I think it’s cute that you’ve got this wild imagination but that stuff doesn’t usually pan out. I don’t mean to burst your bubble or anything…..” And then she went on and on about how “real life” works. I started to feel faint.

The internet talks like a woman.

Here’s what happens when the internet destroys everyday people.

16 Women With the Perfect Responses to Questions About Their Love Lives.

Here’s how to handle crippling anxiety. Step #1? Have an orgasm!

The truth about poo: we’re doing it wrong.

I absolutely love Louis C.K. Here’s how he became the King of Comedy. (Hint: it wasn’t as easy, glamorous, or “fun” as you might think.) This essay is wonderful, too.

But I don’t look back with any regrets or bitterness about my path. A [quicker] path can get you to the end quicker, and you don’t want to go so fast. You, know, I’m so glad I didn’t get cast on SNL. I’m way better off because I host it now.

I definitely have huge benefits to how well I’m doing, but you do find yourself missing the climb. It’s a little like Mount Everest. When you summit, you spend about 20 minutes up there, and you do a little dance, but if the 20-minute dance was really it, would you really risk your life for the amount of work it takes to get up and down? So every time I feel like I’ve found a clearing, I try to find something else that I don’t know how to do yet. That’s just much more interesting to me.

International playgirls, take note: here’s how to fit 30 outfits into your carry-on! (I think I need one of those packing envelopes…)

Karl Pilkington is hilarious. I cackled SO hard at the first one…

Here’s the sober science behind ‘Drunk In Love’.







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