Carousel: Finding Your True Calling & Can New Shoes Make You Happy?

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Happy Friday! Here’s to a beautiful day (& a magnificent weekend)…

50 must see documentaries. An awesome list for winter!

Interesting… Use of Surrogate Sex Partners Rising Among Women. Would you ever?

The Real Meaning of Your “True Calling” by Alain de Botton. “To begin to find a more fulfilling vocation, it is not enough to simply ask yourself what you might like to do. Concerns about money and status long ago extinguished most people’s ability to think authentically about their options. Instead, I would suggest free-associating around clusters of concerns that delight and excite you, without attempting to settle upon anything as rigid as the frame of a career.”

This quiz — Who Am I Meant To Be? — is excellent. Man, I love a good quiz!

We should ALL be eating rose granola for breakfast…

Jay McInerney on Essential New York Novels; thanks to Anna Loren for the link!

20 Questions That Could Change Your Life… Yes, yes, yes!

Martha Beck on why people are mean. I love this!

This is fascinating: Are You Ready for Your Close-Up? What’s Behind This Insatiable Desire for Fame.

Have you ever wondered Why the Ones We Love Drive Us Crazy?!

Can New Shoes Make You Happy? An excellent question!

Ha! The Muppets in classic fairytales.

My love Bindu is hosting an iPhone photo essay project which promises to inspire & help you plunge new creative depths… Check it out!

Cindy Gallop is amazing. Here’s a letter to her younger self: Confidence is beautiful & so are you.

Some information on breakfast cereals & their effects. Did you know they were originally designed as an anti-masturbation device? Truth! Maybe it’s time to start eating a more nutritious breakfast…

I love this picture Bei Badgirl is working on! I adore the Amy Winehouse influence!

Want to win some coffee from New Orleans? I know you do! Hop to it!

Emma Dime is such a cute blog. New favourite!

I love the photography over at Le Dans La!