Carousel For A Blossom-Filled Weekend!

CarouselBlossoms in Tompkins Square Park.

Hey beautiful! Here are some assorted links for your reading & viewing pleasure. I hope you have an incredible weekend, & manage to soak up some Vitamin D!

These vintage stewardess uniforms are so cool! The guy’s website,, has even more.

At TEDxCMU, I met this rad guy called Sean Ogle. He wrote a post recently called 6 questions you must answer before quitting your job, & if this is something you’re contemplating, I recommend reading it!

Let Goofy whisk you away to Disneyland Paris! (So cute.)

This is brilliant: Do as I say, not as I do. If you’ve been making excuses, you need to read it…

Haha. What’s the first thing Iris Apfel thinks about in the morning? Brilliant. Iris is fantastic.

A magical tale (with augmented reality).

How do you know what you should charge as a freelancer? Bri has some ideas.

Did You Know That We Date At The Level Of Our Self-Esteem? Ding ding ding! If you always end up dating terrible people, this could be the reason why…

Lisa from In Dramatic Fashion was inspired by my television sabbatical… & decided to take a celebrity sabbatical!

This Pinterest board makes me feel… uncomfortable. Hairy chests I want to cry on… ?!

My hairdresser, Kristin, just told me about this crazy company called Ebates. Basically, if you shop through their site, you can earn up to 25% cash back on whatever you purchase. I always think this kind of thing is an elaborate scam, but Kristin says she got a $25 cheque just from Christmas shopping! You even earn 1% cash back on purchases from Apple. Duuuuude. I’ll take it!

If you say something nice about yourself here, Stylelist will donate $1 to Girls Inc. So do it!

I love Cory Doctorow’s advice to writers.

The story of how (& why) Steve Martin totally changed careers is really interesting. It’s a great reminder that no matter what you’re doing, & no matter how successful you may be, you can always change tack.

Cute: TIME made a list of their All-TIME 100 Fashion Icons.

Success Isn’t What’s in Your Bank Account, But What’s in Your Head

What if you’re not sure if you want a baby or not?

!!! This sketchbook of The Bachelor is absolutely amazing!

Ben looks like someone boiled all the flavor out of Jason Schwartzman… It’s fun to hate Courtney; she really seems like a born wedding-ruiner. But she’s also undeniably better at playing this game than the other girls; it’s like watching an Olympic athlete demolish civilians.

This interview with Scott Buckwald, Mad Men’s prop master, was pretty interesting!

Just discovered LugLess: they’ll pick up your suitcases from your house & deliver them right to your destination for $39! So brilliant, especially when most airlines charge at least $25 to check a bag, PLUS you have to stand around & check it in, then wait at the airport to see it show up on the carousel!

I enjoyed Isaac’s piece on the curse of the freelancer. Real talk!

Fantastic apartments: Peaches’ wonderfully whimsical bungalow house tour & Dixie’s carnival of a home!

I love Elsie’s experiments with a golden half-camera! Summer is always the time I want to start playing around with toy cameras: there is so much going on, & crucially, the light is way more conducive to good pictures! I also really enjoyed looking at her 10 highlights scrapbook — this is gratitude in action! A great exercise for any radical self love warrior!

Love, love, love!