Carousel: For A Rainy Weekend!


Happy Friday from damp & rainy New York City! It sure is drizzley & gross out there. Luckily for you, I have a huge list of links to keep you entertained! I hope you enjoy them.

You should read this love letter to your vagina.

This piece on Diana Vreeland is about how the author feels her longtime obsession with D.V. is being impinged upon by the recent renewed interest in her. I think a lot of us feel a bit like this when something we have loved becomes trendy or popular, but ultimately, it’s a bit silly… Isn’t it?

My incredible friend Molly was arrested at Occupy Wall Street & wrote about it for CNN.

Here’s an interview with Cat Marnell.

Garance Dore’s takedown of the things she dislikes about social media made me laugh!

Was Neptune in Aquarius the age of the beauty machines? I liked this.

I just had a nerdgasm… Evernote (best productivity app ever) is releasing a Moleskine which will digitise your handwritten notes! OH MY GOD.

Street Ghosts pastes up pictures of people from Google Maps in the physical location where they were photographed…

Veronica Varlow wore vintage slips all summer. Which is pretty much perfect.

Do you agree that there has been a rise of the needy man?

Rosin writes that men “theoretically can be anything these days.” What they lack, she argues, are qualities that they once had –- and that women now seem at least more likely to possess: “flexibility, hustle, and an expansive sense of identity.” … The problem is –- as both Hanna Rosin and Lena Dunham (the creator and star of Girls) seem to understand – a growing number of men expect women to serve as perpetually available emotional beacons in their struggle to navigate the transition to adulthood and self-sufficiency.

…Clearly this piece is striking a chord with people. How about this comment?

Wow. This is my life in a nutshell. My boyfriend is a mess, and while I work 10 hours 6 days a week, I still have to comfort him about his emotional life. What about mine? I barely take off my shoes and he’s already the sad sack moping about his day. What about mine? He gets angry at things that I’m angry at, but I have the double duty of comforting him and supressing my anger. Heart attacks used to be men’s province. What about mine?

I really loved this piece about Lady Gaga & her eating disorder: When the World Is Your Therapist: Lady Gaga’s Eating Disorder Is a Double-Edged Sword.

This has me mourning summer a little bit: America’s best rooftop pools.

They’ve created a quiet, baby-free zone on AirAsia. Though of course, babies aren’t the only problem on an airplane!

Want to make a lace lamp? It couldn’t be easier!

I need a pink polka-dot staircase in my life & I suspect you do, too.

I want to make silly glitter globes. I think they’d make the perfect gift.

OOH LA LA! The Chrysler Building has a long lost observatory!

I think I would die of happiness if I was presented with a chocolate cup!

Did you see Valentino’s costume for the New York Ballet? They are just as gorgeous as you might expect!

Would you ever call a sex psychic? That must be an odd skill to have.

Lessons learned from writing love letters to strangers. How marvellous…

This gave me goosebumps: Sikh woman Balpreet Kaur turns cyberbullying incident into inspiration.

Sarah was asked, “Who checks in on you?” & she didn’t really have an answer. Do you?

Karley filmed a good video about the search for the female orgasm.

I just backed The Impossible Project’s Kickstarter otherwise known as, I’m getting a Polaroid camera which will print photos directly from my phone! AHHHH! What?! It’s too difficult to explain. Just click here & then DO IT!

Emily’s five favourite secrets to good styling & full decorating are excellent.

…& I adore how she filled this shelving unit!

Stationery geeks take notice of The Well-Appointed Desk!

John is the best, so of course his TEDx talk was too.