Carousel: For Your Long, Hot Fourth Of July Weekend!

Thank you all so much!

Mike & I have been completely overwhelmed by the MASSIVE outpouring of love after our engagement announcement! There have been more Twitter, Facebook & email messages than we could possibly respond to. Hundreds… Maybe thousands. It’s staggering! Thank you all so, so very much. It means a lot to us & we’re so thrilled to get all your well-wishes! Even though many of us have never met, I still feel so connected to all of you, & consider you my dear friends. When we’re standing at the altar (!!!), I’m sure we will feel all your love & energy surrounding us!

We have a long, hot weekend ahead of us. If you’re in America, have a wonderful 4th of July. Hey, even if you’re in Zimbabwe, ENJOY! Here are some tasty little bits & bobs to keep your brain happy!

Oh my! My Daguerrotype Boyfriend is a Tumblr of, well, sexy dead guys.

Who You Spend Time With Is Who You Become from The Daily Love. It’s so true!

If you’ve ever wondered what the best & worst foods were for weight loss, you need wonder no longer!

See also: Why a salad costs more than a Big Mac. Sad face!

How to pose in your wedding photographs: what to do & what not to do! Kat, from Rock N Roll Bride fame, did this fantastic post. She’s absolutely right about all of them, & I love that she was willing to post photos of herself looking silly! That’s radical self love right there! (By the way, the article is relevant for ANYONE who gets photographed, not just brides. So, I guess that means EVERYONE… Except ghosts or vampires!)

I love Stef, Betsey Johnson’s assistant. Have you all been reading her blog? Fashion Week Daily interviewed her about what it’s like to be Betsey’s assistant… & the answers are just as cute & funny as you’d imagine!

The Talks — remember I featured them last week? — interviewed Jack Nicholson. I loooooove Jack Nicholson! He is hilarious.

Are you a womanizer?


Do you use your acting skills on women?

I never separate.

Rachel Rabbit Write put down some thoughts on our cultural obsession with penis size.

Clever, resourceful, straight-shooting Susannah Breslin put together this piece on how to be an award-winning blogger.

Bringing a Sense of Discovery to Online Shopping is an interview with AHAlife founder, Shauna Mei. What you read might surprise you!

The dirty little secret of flash-sale sites is that brands now make cheaper products directly for the sites. You’re not actually getting inventory Saks couldn’t sell, and it’s not 80 percent off. They’re selling items that are cheaply made and cheaply priced, things Saks would never consider carrying. But these sites convince people they’re getting a deal, which attracts customers.

I did an interview at About Face on the subject of radical self love.

Sarah Wilson posted this poem, The Invitation, by Oriah, & I am pretty much in love with it!

How To Argue Without Being Rude: A Life Lesson from A.Y. Daring.

I love Yumna’s moon goddesses (not safe for work!).

This manual photography cheat sheet is fantastic for people like me who can never remember how to use their camera…

…& hey! It’s the 1st of July. Check out your horoscope!