Carousel: French Street Art & Goths Up Trees…

Wheels & Dollbaby Versus Ellen Von Unwerth = Pin-Up Perfection!

Happy Friday, gorgeous! It’s a beautifully sunny — if a little bit chilly — day here in New York City, & I’m about to dash out of the house to run some long overdue errands.

As always, here are my favourite links & distractions of the week! I hope you enjoy reading them while you drink something delicious: hot cocoa, maybe, or a tall glass of sparkling water with some strawberries in it!

Oh, & I’m absolutely loving this collaboration (see the image above!) between Wheels & Doll Baby (one of my favourite labels!) & Ellen Von Unwerth (my #1 favourite photographer)! It’s so sassy. The video is at the end of this post, too!

Haha, incredible… This guy found out exactly what day Ice Cube was talking about in Today Was A Good Day!

I’m capable of deep love and commitment, you know? I adore this story about a man, his motorcycle, & his dying girlfriend.

Here’s a list of 30 things to start doing for yourself… Thanks to Dolly Dahl!

Rachel Hills wrote about how to grow your creative community. Right on, sister!

Adioso spits out real-time results of cheap & easy airfares from any city you choose. Great for those of us with itchy feet!

This post by my friend Lani makes me want to go & sing karaoke… RIGHT NOW!

Charlie Glickman wonders, where does validation come from? His article is all about sexual behaviour & whether it degrades or validates us, & maybe not in the way you’d expect…

What does it mean to be empowered? It’s a word that gets bandied around a lot, but what does it actually mean?

Oh, this makes me so happy: Goths Up Trees. WHY are there so many goths in trees? I have multiple old photos of me in black in a tree, & so do my friends! I don’t get it!

I’ve started writing for ChinaShop magazine again! In Get Dolled Up For A Dime In Salt Lake City, I wrote about my favourite vintage stores (& best scores!), & Wheels & Doll Baby Versus Ellen Von Unwerth = Pin-Up Perfection is a celebration of their beautiful collaboration.

Andy Warhol’s unseen Polaroids are now showing!

Would you ever dabble in a little literary nail art?

Hey, if you’re on the Pill, Pfizer recalled some packets claiming there might not be enough contraceptive in ’em! Ruh-roh! Their official press release is here & it lists lot numbers & expiration dates. Please check your packages, & tell your girlfriends!

I love this French graffiti.

Sarah Wilson did a livestream about quitting sugar & answered plenty of questions from her audience. It’s good to listen to, even if you’re not planning on quitting sugar!

In case you were wondering, Whole Foods was not bought out by Monsanto!

Steve Pavlina recently declared himself socially bankrupt — a very interesting concept. Would you ever do this?

Some bright young thing is working on a start-up where you can work out what someone is wearing in a movie… & then buy it. I think it’s a great idea!

“Toss the numbers game, young vs. old! It’s about vitality & life force. You can be 25 & have zero energy & passion, or 45 & possess & put forth a dynamic, vital spirit, & engage in activities that follow suit. Don’t be a prisoner to your mind — that’s where fear & doubt live. Don’t wait for this or that to happen to live your life. Do it now… Make a plan then get off your ass & live!” — Eden Grimaldi

The U.K. — which takes a hard line on photoshopping in cosmetics — banned this one featuring Rachel Weisz. I feel bad for Ms. Weisz but at the same time, I think this is a major step forward. I really hope it sends a message to cosmetics companies that this can’t continue!

How can I get over the feeling that I have to look pretty? Some major radical self love inspiration over here!

Here are 10 Ways Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City Style Endures. Honestly, it’s not a great piece, but it’s nice to see what they picked!

Good news, everyone! Banana Republic is launching a second Mad Men collection! I, for one, welcome our new style overlords. (Two Matt Groening memes in 3 sentences! Are you proud?!)

Eight reasons to get excited about Madonna’s Superbowl show. I don’t even need this list! MADONNA! That’s enough for me! (P.S. Go Giants! Etc.! I don’t know a thing about football but… well… it’s New York. Insert some kind of sporty encouraging grunt here!) Also, Nicki Minaj. YAY!

Madonna Madonna Madonna! Here she is talking to Jay Leno recently.

Sometimes it feels like the fashion industry is the only one that loves Lana Del Rey. Mario Testino shot her for the cover of Vogue UK!

The girls who work at Alice + Olivia wear some really cute stuff to work — not that it’s a big surprise!

What Snooki, the Kardashians, and More Can Teach the World About Building Successful Fashion and Beauty Brands. This is actually really interesting, & a good read for anyone who is into building their own brand.

38 things I learnt at Alt Summit — yeah, you should really come along next year!

Have a fantastic weekend!