Carousel: Girly Fitness, Acting Your Age, And Vitamin D Acid Blotters!


Here’s to the end of February! Surely, it can only get warmer from here… Right?! To be fair, I have no right to complain: I’m currently in LA (we’re teaching Blogcademy tomorrow!) and heading to Vegas next week, and the weather has been pretty damn dreamy. If you want a hit of California sunshine, be sure to follow on Instagram!

Your life is a hot date. Show up.

Looking Like Money: How Wellness Became the New Luxury Status Symbol.

Grace wrote a great piece on Illness Etiquette and to say (and not say!).

The CEO of Twitter says trolls are costing Twitter users.

Keeping your feet outside the covers helps you fall asleep faster. (I always do this.)

What’s it like to date your dad? WHOAH! The comments are even crazier than the article, if you can believe it!

Here’s some tips on removing facial hair!

How to pick up girls, written BY girls. So funny!

Never call yourself a “gin enthusiast” or a “coffee snob” in your bio. Beverages are not a substitute for a personality.

Oh, comments. Such a controversial issue. Tablet is now charging its users to comment.

Kathleen Hanna on buffalo chicken, Destiny’s Child, and the sketchy things she did to McDonald’s apple pies.

I endorse this: No more girly fitness bullshit. On that subject, have a read of Training, Tanning, and Branding With The Bikini Bodybuilding Stars Of Instagram.

The secret to artistic success? Make art. Make art with people you love. Respect the art you make.

“It works better if you enjoy it.” 36 things I wish SOMEbody would have told me along the way about money, sex and business, by Danielle LaPorte.

On Madonna, Annie Lennox, and acting your age.

This is what it’s like to sell drugs at fashion week.

L7’s Donita Sparks did an interview… And did you know they’re releasing a documentary?!

Can The Next Generation Of Morticians Breathe Life Into The Death Industry? Any article which starts like this is alright with me…

Advanced Embalming begins Monday morning at 8.

The trouble with “It girls.” We’ve used the term for nearly a century. But what does it tell us about the way we label women and their work?

A Belgian chocolatier wants you to snort chocolate like cocaine.

James Altucher on how to make money with 10 ideas a day.

Marie Forleo asks, Are The People Around You Dulling Your Drive?

Here are some of the best online art resources!

Sarah is an incredible radical self love warrior who made a new life for herself after leaving an extremely difficult situation. Bravo!

These artists want to cure your winter depression with Vitamin D acid blotters.

I love this: Confessions of a Virgo Pilates instructor.

Bill Cosby and how sexual predators feed on victim guilt.

Um, this hotel looks like an amethyst. #radicalselflovecoven retreat, anyone?!

Here are some lessons we can learn from Beyonce and Nicki Minaj’s feminist friendship. Awww! So many positive feelings!

Great for wanderlust: 50 Ways to Have an Adventure Without Leaving Town.

I got lost on Danielle LaPorte’s site the other day, and here are two goodies: Skin, joy, boobs, and the right hair colour: My random & rarely dispensed beauty notes and My travel tips: Rose water, keyboards, peppermint, and mantras.

The Burden of Flawless. Beyonce’s unretouched photos leaked, shocking us with the fact that SHE IS HUMAN, OMG. Reality-shaming, indeed!

Would you buy a selfie toaster? It toasts your face onto bread…

Two of my favourite creative women, Anjelica Huston and Sofia Coppola, sat down for a lunch, and this is what happened.

I’m so in love with Suzan Drummen’s kaleidoscopic crystal floor installations!

Here’s why Richard Branson is so successful. I loved this post.

If you’ve ever wondered how to date people in bands, wonder no more!

You may have been able to hold their undivided attention for the first month or so of the relationship, but after that they will stop looking up when you enter the room because they’re busy looping something on Garageband and assume you will organise your life around their recording schedule.

My friend Louise moved to LA in the name of love. Love for herself, that is!

James wrote about three things that are more important than passion.

The worst troll is always in your head.

Here are all the ways you can hurt yourself masturbating. Cringe! This is an uncomfortable read, and probably not for the squeamish!

Being an unpaid worker at NYFW sucks. (No big surprises there.)

You can rent a boyfriend in China!

Here’s how to be a bad girl in India (includes “have breasts”!).

Mall Makeovers: ex-pat edition.

I loved reading about Esme’s magic-infused daily rituals.

Here’s how the competitive fitness industry pressures women into getting breast implants.

Why Draven’s suicide broke my heart, and the 3 things I do to keep myself alive.

How do we solve the lives ruined by TV talent shows?

Enormous Eye is a project encouraging writers to record their days.

Here are some totally different ways of thinking about a homepage.

Just checking in… SO FUNNY!

For no particular reason we’ve started sending emails to see who can make the other person experience the most profound sense of dread and panic.

Gender-bending the tarot.

Whoah! Do you follow the cute French guys on the Metro Instagram?!

#cuteasfuck is a revolution… And here’s why.

Did you know Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau was a Virgo?

Sarah Wilson asks, “Am I a hypocrite?” (No, Sarah! You are wonderful the way you are.)

This is what I look like without makeup. A very good read.

I loved Shauna’s Q&A post!

Marilyn Manson explains his love affair with makeup. In case you wondered, he wears MAC lipstick in Diva. (Of course he does!)







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Title image by J. Baylor Roberts for National Geographic.