Carousel: Happy February!

Roses!Roses on Rue Saint-Honoré. Love!

First things first: if you’re reading this in your RSS reader or by email, be sure to click through to the site! This morning, my incredible husband performed a miniature facelift on, & it’s looking like a whole new blog!

Words cannot explain the excitement! There are many more changes to come, but this is a fabulous beginning, non?!

I put Carousel on hold while I was away, & I’ve been enjoying my blogging series so much that for the time being, I’ve decided to cut down Carousel’s frequency to once a month. I’ll see how I feel once the series is finished (6 weeks time!), & we’ll take it from there!

Now, without further ado, here are some of my favourite things from around the web from the last couple of weeks! Grab a cup of tea, get cozy & start readin’!

Sarah Wilson reminds us that our brains love being grateful.

Oh my goodness: why camera angles are critical.

I basically hang on every word Seth Godin writes, & this is no exception: most people don’t believe they are capable of initiative.

I liked seeing behind the scenes of Emily Henderson!

Garance Dore tells us exactly how she makes her money. Interesting, isn’t it? I respect her for doing it, but I don’t think it’s necessary to give that kind of breakdown. Why should anyone have to justify anything?

Well & Good interviewed me about my five beauty obsessions.

In preparation for The Carrie Diaries, this man is recreating Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. Extreme!

This Fast Company piece on the wild, wacky, profitable world of Boing Boing is an insightful read.

You all know by now that I love TEDTalks. This one, Image Is Powerful, by Cameron Russell, is a dissection of beauty by a model. It is so great. She was interviewed on CNN, too, & it’s worth watching.

A peek inside Kelly Osbourne’s closet.

MTV interviewed POS, & he knows what you should do with your stuff…

Take a look at the standard way of the world. Everybody goes to school, then they go to college, then they get a job. Does that fit your life or are you just doing it? Take a look at stuff. It’s possible to take this whole life and shape it so that it’s something that fits you as opposed to trying to fit so hard in to it. That’s the root of it. That’s the real reoccurring theme of the record, fucking doing what you want, because it will lead to happiness.

Did you know that Pingraphy allows you to pre-schedule pins on Pinterest? Weird, huh? I suppose this would be good for bloggers — pinning your own images before a post goes live — but I can’t see many other advantages!

Slug did an Ask Me Anything & if you love Atmos like I do, it’s fun to read.

Laurie Penny wrote a great piece on feminism, transphobia & free speech.

NY Magazine broke down the hidden costs of being in a relationship.

I LOVE this post, lateness is my pet peeve: No, you are not running late, you are rude & selfish.

Kinda like a car crash that you can’t look away from… Here is what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie.

These comments by Megan Fox are intense! Maybe the only explanation is, as Mystic says, she is having a really heavy Saturn-Pluto transit!

I can never resist clicking on an article titled something like 15 reasons why people move to New York City.

My friend Dhru is one of the wisest men I’ve ever met. He’s started to do these really excellent posts on Facebook, & they’re too good not to share. Here’s one he wrote about being a work-at-home entrepreneur. I love this: “Life hacking blogs are great, productivity tips are cool, but at the end of the day you’re either doing the work or you’re not.” Here’s another one on the power of really committing to something. It is brilliant. (I always end up summarising Dhru’s posts to other people in person, definitely the mark of something that had an impact!)

Best news story ever: Elderly couple looking for a jumble sale end up at an illegal rave!

Your lifestyle has already been designed. Read this one.

There’s so much truth to what Jennine says about how the fashion blogging bubble has burst. When I tweeted to tell her I enjoyed it, she said it seemed like something no one was talking about. They are, just not in public! This is a good follow-up, too: how to survive the next stage of blogging.

Yet another reason why Virgin is the best airline: Richard Branson replies to a letter.

Whenever I hang out with Rabbit, we inevitably end up discussing Paris Hilton. Weird, I know. She wrote about Paris & it is effing fantastic.

Let the haters motivate!

Endlessly proud of Molly’s columns for VICE. This one is no exception: Shooter Boys & At Risk Girls.

The right way for a white girl to be angry is to turn her anger inwards. She should be a victim, like the patients in Reviving Ophelia, a psychiatrist’s late 90s textbook on broken girlhood. She should starve or cut or blow boys who treat her badly. A crusading shrink should scoop her up, and return her to good grades, tasteful clothes, and happiness–heart and hymen intact.

If you have no plans for the summer, maybe you’d consider renting Little Edie’s Grey Gardens?!

Why don’t successful people & organizations automatically become very successful? This is a brilliant & quick read… & I am so inspired to do a “life audit”!

These colour photographs from Paris in 1914 are completely glorious, & are really fuelling my desire to go back to Paris when it’s warm! (I’ve been four times, all in winter! What?!!!)

Revlon’s chief marketing director, Julia Goldin, has some career advice for you! I particularly liked the tip about being able to unlearn our fears.

My hairdresser Kristin has lost 43.6 pounds in a year. She wrote about motivation, & she looks amazing. Even more importantly, she is so happy.

I feel like this photo is the perfect example of who I was. This was me getting ready to go clubbing. When I was at this point of my life I was staying up until about 4 or 5 am and sleeping in until at least noon, I drank, I partied and I worked. That was it. That was my life in a nutshell. When people would ask me to describe what I did I pretty much just said i worked and would go clubbing. Now my list of things I do, or have done is so much bigger and well, a lot less destructive to myself. I am not only a happier person in life, but I am a happier person all around. And even more important, happier with myself.

This interview about the appeal of vintage lingerie is a good read.

Emily Henderson shares her tips for shopping on Craigslist, how to make your office space look & feel bigger, & answers the question, how do you get people to pay you for your time & talent? (That one’s a good read for anyone who offers a creative service.)

Have you delved into David Lynch’s interview project? So cool!

Best idea for a menswear blog ever: put the clothes on your dog!

Love these posters of Paris. Even better, they’re only $24 each on Etsy.

12,000 bells hanging from a tree? Why not! But I wish there was a video! I want to know what it sounded like!

It’s a Charleston flash mob! Cute.

Courtney Love covering Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. It doesn’t get much better than that, my friends!

Enjoy your weekend!