Carousel: Help, I Have The Plague!

CarouselChristy Turlington as Jean Seberg, by Ellen Von Unwerth.

Greetings from my sick-bed! I’m lying here with Hank & Dolly, all three of us snuggled under the covers, as I cough & hack & grizzle idly about how my body aches. It’s all very glamorous!

Hopefully, you’ve had a brilliant week without too much trouble… & here are some bits & pieces to keep you entertained over the weekend. By the way, if there are Chinese New Year celebrations in your city, you should definitely go along! They’re quite marvellous.

Now, without further ado…

Why men can’t stand to be alone after a break-up or divorce from the New York Times. I found this quite fascinating, & strange too, because I relish being alone!

Independent Fashion Bloggers wrote about how SOPA/PIPA will affect your fashion blog. I can’t keep up with which ones have been thrown out & which are being debated, but suffice to say, ALL of those bills have dire consequences, & not just within the U.S.A… So, get informed, sign petitions, & spread the word!

I would totally wear this t-shirt: Mickey Mouse x Joy Division!

From, a piece on celebrating the aging party girl. This is a thought-provoking piece with some great moments, this especially:

Not to get too soapbox, but if you want to be pro-woman, you have to be pro-all women, not just the ones whose lives have turned out like yours.

Apparently, morning people may be more creative in the afternoon!

If you’re interested in the ingredients of your beauty products — & well, we all should be — then Save Your Skin gives a good run-down.

BEST NEWS EVER, Fiona Apple album confirmed for 2012!!! This news deserves multiple exclamation marks. This news deserves a PARADE. I love Fiona Apple! (& I can never resist sharing the fac that we have the same birthday!) Oh, Fiona! I’m so excited!

I love this idea: a fortune balloon garland!

This is pretty adorable too — DIY your own glitter jar! Perfect to hold pens or lollipops or… well, most things!

Do you want to participate in a Valentine’s Day beauty blog swap? I know you do!

The title of this makes me laugh: New Yorkers Aren’t “Friendly” Enough, Say Sensitive Readers Of Irrelevant Magazine. This has been all over the news — clearly, New Yorkers are actually pretty sensitive themselves (or else, surely we wouldn’t pay it any mind!). I even Instagrammed a photo of it on Taxi TV, with the caption, “We’re not rude, we just have things to DO!”, & it’s true. New Yorkers are very helpful, but we’re EFFICIENT at being helpful! Knawmean?!

The Beautiful Decay of a Theater Hidden Above a New York Bodega. Who would ever know that this even existed? How gorgeous.

The Marilyn Meme — yes, this drives me crazy also. One type of body is not better than another! Aieeee!

Such a good idea: Cuppow turns a mason jar into a no-spill drinkable… thing!

So funny, I was featured in 6 iPhone cases I adore at Altitude Design Summit. & I do love my phone case!

We Love Phoneography is a rad new blog for people who love to use their phone as their primary camera. Seriously, since I got my iPhone, I have barely even touched my digital SLR… & I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Also, I went a little crazy watching TEDTalks this week… Here are my favourites!

Big, huge, SUPER-BASS love,