Carousel: How To Get Perfect Skin & Smell Like A Cake!

Photo by Johnny Miller.


I wrote about how to get perfect skin & how to smell like a cake for xoJane!

I’m so excited about — & really loving — this collaboration between Aaliyah & Drake!!!

I love it when people can tie two seemingly disparate things together. This post, about how Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure is a journey through the tarot, is so clever!

Did you see Lana Del Rey shot by Ellen Von Unwerth? Not too shabby!

More Ellen: a Barbie video story for Vs magazine. (Probably not safe for work.)

I think we should all make rainbow flowers this weekend.

I love sequins & vintage circus costumes… !

Why is everyone on the internet so angry? Good question! I really enjoyed this article from Scientific American.

Sarah Wilson wrote about living with your rags, & the light in Greece. It’s stupendous.

Emily’s round-up of the 10 best celebrity homes is a very fun & voyeuristic look into the decorating styles of famous people!

If you’ve got the sniffles, check out Yaz’s cold-kickers!

How I Built A Fashion Brand With No Experience, Just Punk Rock Spirit (And The Web) by Abe Burmeister.

What if every sport was photographed like beach volleyball? Hahaha! Admission: I snorted while looking at these pictures.

Leo wrote about being inspired & of course, it is right on the money. I especially loved this line: “Don’t wait for inspiration to strike — you have to meet it halfway. If you want to be hit by lightning, go out in a thunderstorm with a metal rod. Scream at the thundering gods, daring them to strike you.”

Alexandra answered some questions on productivity, yoga, & other things! As a product of the Livejournal generation I am still so much more interested in personal posts than anything else, so this tickled me.

“You, who make angels stutter and mystics moan – congratulations for being here so well. It’s not an easy gig, this thing called life. In fact, it’s quite the ass-kicking experience. But oh, how you’re living brilliantly anyway. Even when you think you’ve failed, the Universe stands in awe of you. Even when you forget who you are, blades of grass long to rub up against you. Even when you hide your gifts, the air aches to breathe you. In. Thank you for existing so perfectly.” (Sera Beak)

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