Carousel: How To Read More, Travel More, And Meditate In Nightclubs!

Bonjour, beautiful! I hope January has been an incredible month for you, and that 2015 is off to a flying start. If you don’t feel great, that’s okay too. Sometimes January can feel like a “settling-in” month, so instead of beating yourself up about it, simply think of it as “February is the new January”!

Presented here for your entertainment, is EVERYTHING on the whole internet. Haha, just kidding. Only my favourite articles from the last month!

Vice reports on the World’s largest clairvoyance experiment. Pretty interesting stuff!

If you have a stack of unread books in your house — I’m so guilty! — never fear. Here are 7 tips to help you read more.

International playgirls, take note: How to Travel to 20+ Countries…While Building a Massive Business in the Process.

This is what happens when you die alone in L.A. Sad, but equally fascinating.

Elle magazine totally rebooted the way they do business, and united their editorial and digital teams.

Surrounded by toxic weenies (technical term)? Check out Doing a Friendventory: The Right Way To Cut People Out of Your Life. Good comments, too.

It’s a common mistake to make, but repeat after me: you are not your buyer.

Who doesn’t want to wear a huge piece of fabric all day every day?! Caftan lyfe is an introduction to… the lifestyle.

Why you should date a normal girl versus a wild mystic. Send to anyone who doesn’t “get” you.

Mel is a smart cookie who came to Blogcademy in D.C., and her post on designing a good workspace is epic and helpful.

Should you quit your day job? Hmmm…

You know, Your Unfulfilling Day Job Might Be The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To You. Apparently. (Ultimately, you need to make the call on this one.)

Your day job isn’t standing between you and your passion. The former is actually paving the way for the latter.

Here are five reasons why it’s time for a 4-day work week. I support this. I would be happy to go down to a five-day work week, even!

Meet Mr Money Mustache, the Personal-Finance Blogger Who Wants You to Spend Like You’re Poor. Interesting stuff…

Social media sabbaticals are the new treks through Nepal. Paul Jarvis took a break from social media for two months, and this was his experience.

2015 is an 8 Universal Year in numerology, which means profound shifts and changes are afoot! I can feel it, how about you?

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), ICYMI gives us unending anxiety. The New York Times said it, so it must be true!

Here are some things that people who love themselves do differently. I endorse this!

Marilyn Manson did an interview and, of course, it is great.

This whole dead mall thing is so compelling, maybe because they were such essential hubs in the 80s and 90s. It’s incredible how much things can change in a couple of decades. If you’re as interested as I am, check out The Economics (and Nostalgia) of Dead Malls.

How to let go of an obsessive love affair? Simple: you must (A) give it up, or (B) marry it.

January madness would have us ALL signing up for juice cleanses… But you don’t have to do that. Maybe a good closet purge will serve you better!

This social network will tell you if someone is trying to pull the old copy/paste/bang on you!

Sausage Castle is a crazy place, as you can probably guess from the name!

New (to me) things: Orgasmic Meditation, also known as OM. (The video is NSFW!) Here’s a Vice interview with the founder, too.

Destroy the past! Yes!

A Girls/Babysitters Club mash-up? Hahaha. It’s pretty funny.

What you see in the mirror. Loooove!

Hip-hop is in a transition between materialism and idealism.

If you like to get your life tips from odd sources, Werner Herzog has 24 pieces of advice for you. Like, for example, “Carry bolt-cutters everywhere”.

The Vajankle is a thing. A very disturbing thing. A thing you can never un-see. (NSFW!)

There’s a meditation nightclub in Vegas! Only until February 8th… So you should go if you can!

Frank Ocean recorded a tribute to Aaliyah and it’s beautiful.

Portraits of romance tourism in Kenya.

“This phenomenon involves Kenyan men offering themselves to older western women vacationing on the country’s beaches. Klougart learned from the women themselves that while the relationships begin as sexual, they often develop feelings for the men that are all too rarely reciprocated. For the men, one woman surmises in an interview, it’s not a matter of love but survival, and the women, who have the luxury of not worrying about survival, get caught up in the fantasy.”

Here are some reasons why your tinder profile is horrible. is “the first marijuana experience dedicated to fine dining. Founded in New York City, this underground supper club highlights exceptional and locally-sourced ingredients according to season.”

Parallel worlds EXIST! It is real! Physicists say so!

Amanda sent me this interview about postpartum depression, and it’s a good one.

Are you “internet sexual”? (NSFW.)

Gary, you speak the truth. Stop Asking Me About Your Personal Brand And Start Doing Some Work!

Here’s how to use crystals for love in the bedroom!

The thigh gap is dead.

I’ve always dreamed about recreating Andy Warhol’s Factory in some way. I just love the idea of bringing artists together and creating all the time. Lucky for me, Veronica wrote about how to create your own artistic community!

Good news, everyone! Elvis Presley’s honeymoon house is for sale! It’s only $8.5 million!

Season of the Witch: The rallying cry of “misandry” brought women together. Where do we go next?

I’m talking about the Western cultural concept of the witch: a woman defiantly powerful, often defiantly unlovely, totally uninterested in preserving the status quo, and perceived as threatening to the establishment because of her abilities or her unconcern or both. Maybe she really has magic powers, or maybe she’s just been deemed too big for her pantaloons by men; either way, her defining characteristic is that she doesn’t fucking care what you think.

Here’s an interview with Bjork about her new album, and here’s a stream!

BREAKING: Person Upset About Something on the Internet. Man spotted typing furiously into website comment box right now!

In Japan, they’ve been making female-oriented porn for a few years now. This video about it is fascinating!

I can’t get enough of magicians. I loved this feature: Sleight of Hand Master Ricky Jay on the Best Magic Trick Ever Performed.

Alex has 14 questions to ask yourself before starting a book project.

2014 turned feminism into a brand, and that’s not a bad thing!

Would you like 50 Cent to be your life coach? (I would.)

This guy wore makeup for a week. Here’s what he learned.

Do happy couples masturbate? And if so, when?

A Free People girl’s guide to NYC. There are some cute suggestions here!

Why do so many entrepreneurs hate their lives? Jonathan has some essential questions you need to ask yourself to figure out exactly how you want your life to look and feel!

Sarah wrote about her first three weeks of Radical Self Love Bootcamp!

Alex encourages us to stop comparing and instead ask yourself what are you capable of giving?

Hip-hop food trucks. God, I wish these were real! LIL KIMCHI!

You could learn how to be a spy next time you fly Virgin America! Prettttttty cool.

There are definite benefits to spending time alone! And — good question — does living alone drive you mad?

This is one of the most balanced, sane, and rational pieces about Botox I’ve ever read.

If you’ve been having a rough time lately, my magical babe Paige is here to tell you how to extract lessons from hardship! (Don’t worry: it’s fun, I promise.)

Here’s how to call in, which critiques offensive behavior or speech without totally losing it, rather than “call out”.

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Have an excellent weekend!

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