Carousel: Just A Little Update From Iceland!


Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind you that the tragedy in New Zealand is still ongoing. There are over 100 people dead & more than 200 missing–Christchurch is a complete mess & will probably have to be demolished before they can start over again. I think probably everyone in New Zealand knows someone who has been injured or whose home or livelihood has been affected by this disaster, which is absolutely terrible. Your help, prayers, love, donations, etc. are still needed–you can donate via Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Lani wrote a good post about it.

I really like these stories of kindness after the quake, of course.

This week’s Carousel is a small one, since I wasn’t really at my computer much this week…

I love this: Company Takes Branding Literally. Go Auckland!

Genesis wrote a love letter to her body & it is EXCELLENT!

I like Molly’s interview of Chloe.

Glitter Therapy is the funniest, & also most horrible, thing I have seen in a long time.

The Hairpin makes me laugh. Picking Up Artsy Girls, Shaving Mystification, and “Am I a Jealous Jerk?”

You could go up to a girl you’re into and be like, “Wanna bang on my yacht? You can make your shitty art while I fuck around on Beatmaker afterwards.” Pleeeease, please, please do that.

Books That Rocked Your World at 16 But Fall Flat Now. Yes, very much so!

The Facebook Breakup Notifier is so creepy!

30 catastrophic Russian wedding photos. Ummmmm! Who does this?!

Beauty School, Crotch Out. I read sections of this aloud to Nubby & had to take breaks so I could catch my breath from laughing so hard!

Danni is the roommate of radical self lover, Lauren! Doesn’t she have an amazing voice?!

Must see!

Okay, that’s it from me… Much love to New Zealand & everyone else…