Carousel: Kanye, Girls & Advice To Our 18 Year Old Selves…

Art by Alessandro PautassoArt by Alessandro Pautasso.

I loved this (long) article on Kanye: American Mozart. The comments, predictably, are rubbish. (What else is new?)

Someone asked Molly Crabapple what advice she’d give to her 18 year old self.

I regret every moment I spent trying to make the adorable and tiny when I could have been plotting things large and deep.

Did you watch Girls? I broke my TV ban to do it. I feel conflicted about it, especially given Lesley Arfin’s comments. Here are some interesting articles: Why We Need to Keep Talking About the White Girls on Girls, Why Girls Is My New Favorite TV Show, & HBO’s Girls Is So Zeitgeisty It Hurts To Watch.

You don’t realize how common your experience is until someone else goes and makes an HBO series about it… This show falls squarely under the umbrella of First-World Problems. These are the problems of people without real problems. You worry that you aren’t the voice of your generation but rather a voice of a generation. Your parents stopped paying for your dry cleaning. Your Klout score fell back into the low 50s. You wish there were a TV series about your life, but then Lena Dunham went ahead and nabbed it first.

Jen Dziura is engaged. Yay! Her article on what she learned from 20 years of dating should be compulsory reading. Honestly. There is some really good stuff in there about how remaining single until you are established in your career is motivating, how being a married woman who starts a business means everyone will assume your husband is bankrolling you, etc. It is GOOD GOOD GOOD. Read it. Okay? Like, now.

This made me laugh a lot.

Write like a motherf*cker: for any of you with a book inside you.

These photos are insane. I barely even know what I’m looking at, & I love it!

I just discovered The Sex Myth, blog of Dr. Brooke Magnanti — aka the writer of the Belle De Jour blog & books! This piece, On Scars, feels relevant.

Confidence doesn’t come overnight. It also doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it requires nurturing. As with anything else worth having it’s work. But let me tell you, it is so worth the work… Corollary 5a: Confidence happens when you let it happen. No one gives it to you, which is great, because it also means they can’t take it from you.

Jordan’s apartment in Paris is — of course — pretty damn cute.

Nubby wrote about making a house a home. I still haven’t been to Portland but I can’t wait to visit… & take some photos in her all-white living room!

I just discovered Dial A Human which tells you the secret prompts to actually speak to a PERSON on a phone. Automated telephone systems are the bane of my existence! Well, them & bananas. Yuck!

Can you heal through BDSM? An exploration of the psychological underpinnings of submission & domination.

Inspiration for international playgirls: Fathom is the ultimate travel site!

This video about the making of Real Dolls is fascinating, but definitely not safe for work!

I am totally creeped out by This article sums it all up pretty nicely.

Couchsurfing is the site for people who want to stay on other people’s couches; Airbnb is the site for people who want to stay in other people’s empty apartments; and is the site for women who want to stay in beds of completely strange rich men who will pay them to fly from wherever they are in the world to do so.

I liked these photos of Coney Island from the Kate Spade blog.

Should I check my email? A flowchart for… everyone.

Crazy Talk: The Do-What-You-Love Guide by Leo Babauta. This is excellent. Read it!

There was a Titanic tea party in Washington!

Oh, & Scouting NY did a Titanic Guide to NYC. Here’s part two! I like the floating church best.

I love the retro ads in Newsweek’s Mad Men issue!

Fathom put together a list of their favourite travel blogs & sites. P.S. Their site is pretty great, too!

I love the titles of these extremely honest Pinterest boards! There’s also PicturelessPinterest — so, so funny — & Text-Only Instagram. Look, if we can’t make fun of ourselves…

I love that Luxirare takes her laptop to Hooters sometimes. It’s so funny to see where people work when they can choose to work anywhere!

Daniel messed with his credenza & it’s such an improvement. He inspires me to do what I really WANT when it comes to interiors, & I love that!

You should know: I had such an incredible time at TEDxCMU. I wanted to share all the other presentations I saw that day — & was honoured to be among such smart company! (I was the only woman speaking, though. Change the ratio!)

Threefifty Duo with Jennifer Stock – Post-Classical Compositions for Two Guitars

Jay Whitacre – Reinterpreting the Process of Innovation

Stephen Neely – What Moves You?

Sean Ogle – The Future of the American Dream

Razi Imam – Engineering Luck

John Riccitiello – What Can Teachers Learn From Game Designers?

Gil Taran – The Impact of Educational Strategy

Ardon Shorr – Unlocking Music with Neuroscience

Zach Weiner – The Fall & Rise of the American Comic Strip

Matthew Manos – Reinterpreting the Role of the Designer

The Dark Shadows trailer is life-enhancing! Can’t wait to see it.

I loved Sean’s interview with Jenny Blake!

Have a brilliant weekend!