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Happy Friday, my love! Man, what a week it’s been! Yesterday & today have been Alt Summit mania, & it’s been so much fun! I can’t wait to give you the full run-down soon!

Here are some things I found online that I enjoyed looking at or reading. I hope you love ’em!

If you’re obsessed with chevron like everyone else, let the good people at IKEA Hackers (!!!) show you how to DIY your own chevron rug! (Brilliant.)

Here’s an interview with Carrie Brownstein about Portlandia season 2 & interior design!

Michael Quinn’s home looks like a pinata of love just EXPLODED everywhere. So happy.

Dame Darcy was one of my teen heroes, & she is just as inspiring to me these days! She created the legendary comic Meat Cake, & is always doing something fabulous! Now, you can help her to make Paper Doll Dreams a reality! Click click clicketty!

The Columbine killings have always interested me. In this (old!) article, Harris & Klebold are psychologically assessed: The Depressive & The Psychopath. Pretty interesting, if not a little macabre!

Susannah Breslin is awesome. How To Get Married.


My sweet pal Kat from Rock N Roll Bride interviewed me on her blog & I think she asked great questions!

Ever wanted to look inside Jenna Lyons’ home?

I love it when my friends collaborate. In this case, Loulou made the knickers & Jazzi did the styling! Sublime!

Nubby writes about setting goals & doing what you love in 2012. I am so inspired by Nubby — she is always setting new goals for herself & pushing herself harder. It’s amazing to see!

Self Care Infographic
Brought to you by MSW@USC: Masters in Social Work

This is too funny, & oh so accurate!