Carousel: Live From San Francisco!

CarouselPrint by Kevin Dart.

Good morning! As you may have gathered, I’m in San Francisco! It’s a whirlwind trip for sure, with a full day of events before I fly home early tomorrow morning!

Either way, here are some of my favourite online discoveries from the week. I hope you enjoy them!

I basically love everything Leo writes, & 20 Small Actions to Create a Fit Environment is no exception.

Autumn’s article, Girl Talk, is brilliant. In it, she discusses the difficulties involved in forging friendships with other women, how we use small talk & beauty talk to connect with one another, & Sex & The City as friendship porn.

The 15 Things Charles and Ray Eames Teach Us. I loveeeee this!

Have you thanked your partner today? It’s a jolly good question! Sometimes the smallest things can provoke massive change.

Sarah Wilson’s piece on feeling social media-obliged is fantastic & totally on point. I was surprised & honoured to see my name mentioned, too! Have a read through her piece & see what you think! It kind of makes me want to write about my own take on social media & how I manage it… Maybe in an upcoming article. What I’ll say for now is that turning off comments on this blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my creativity & sanity. I have chosen to use other forums to connect with you, my readers, & it works perfectly for me!

You can totally be a special snowflake is about having a dream & being special enough to make it happen.

Did you read this interview with Cat Marnell? What did you think?

I adore Susannah Breslin, & her myths about working from home are fab. P.S. I never dress like I’m “going to work”. No. Instead, I break out my gold spiked cowboy boots, apply red lipstick for extra mojo & wear bunny ears when I’m feeling uninspired. It works much better!

GOOP did a segment on how to travel well, which makes me want to write a piece about it myself! (I have a few ideas!)

Oh my god, this made me laugh. Snoop has the coolest career ever. It seems like he basically gets to do whatever he wants!

Hi Fiona I love you.