Carousel: Mega-Super-Major Bumper Edition To Keep You Busy!


Hey girl hey! It’s almost the weekend! Ceeeeelebrate good times, c’mon! Here are some links I put together this week…

I wonder if this would work for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?! Blinds which mimic sunlight. Clever!

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess put together a yearbook votive candle DIY video & it’s so cute!

Things to be excited about this winter: Daphne Guinness for MAC Cosmetics! I love the colours so so much.

Leo from Zen Habits writes about his thoughts on Christmas.

Here’s a piece on about Susannah Breslin’s project, letters from men who go to strip clubs.

Do you co-exist with manipulative people? Here’s how to deal with it!

I love Raphael Vicenzi’s art!

Here’s part of an interview with Angelina Jolie who I love, but the comments are even better. Inevitably, whenever the subject of Ms. Jolie is raised, people start caterwauling about how she is a “man-stealer”. So read this…

From user Snickerdoodloni:

That said: I’ve read at least a couple interviews now where Aniston says Brad Pitt did NOT cheat. So are we hating on Jolie forever more because she was ‘next?’ Because she ‘exists’ for Pitt to fall in love with? Are we assuming she ‘led Brad astray,’ and CAUSED him to leave Aniston? According to reports that pre-date Jolie, Aniston and Pitt were not the golden couple their PR managers who hooked them up as Pitt was rebounding from his busted engagement to Gwyneth Paltrow want you to believe. Several months after Pitt officially separated from Aniston, I never heard or saw Angelina hanging in Malibu, smoking doobs with the Cox-Arquettes. I didn’t see Jolie, riding around Beverly Hills on the back of his bike.

What I saw, what Brad Pitt in remote African villages with Diane Sawyer, on the beaches of Kenya playing with Maddox, at Jolie’s UK estate where she lived with her son, promoting ONE with Bono, traveling to Ethiopia with Jolie to adopt HER daughter. I know it pains you to admit, but that shows HE was pursuing HER. He was out to change FOR HER. HE wanted to emulate her, because he admired HER. I know, THAT possible truth, is painful for some women. It’s easier for us to believe some SIREN stole our man against his will, than ADMIT, a man may have walked away due to incompatibility issues, boredom, and/or misery with us. “She stole him,” goes down a LOT better than HE CHOSE HER AFTER LEAVING YOU. Somehow, giving the man free will, and autonomy in deciding what the rest of his life will look like is frightening…

From Rookie: the perks of being a killjoy, aka, how to call people out on their nonsense without seeming like a crazy person!

I love this interview with Andy Warhol.

7 Foods So Unsafe Even Farmers Won’t Eat Them. SHEESH.

Here are 15 golden rules to live by when travelling the world. Smart, smart, smart!

From Copyblogger: Are Internet Idiots Annihilating Your Productivity? (Ooooooooh boy.) Lots of good stuff here.

All the time you spend chasing down things you hate and ranting about them? That’s time you’re not building something epic.

More from Leo: The Secret Rule of Changing Anything.

On beauty, by Margaret Cho. I liked this so much I quoted it on Twitter!

Alex Franzen introduced me to Turned On Woman a few days ago & I fell, instantly, in love. Check out 25 ways to turn on, & write a desire contract. Awesome. Awe-inspiring.

Ever wanted to know how to make your own perfume? (Could make for great Christmas presents!)

Beware, qi vampires!

Danielle from Final Fashion wrote about the pitfalls of being a fashion insider & I couldn’t agree more. Always operate on the outer rim!

Time Out New York put out their list of 101 things to do in New York City in the winter! YAY!

Amazing DIY Christmas decorations: CANDY LIGHTS!!!

This weekend you should… Cook ahead! YES!

This made me laugh: Spilt drinks captured in mid-air!

Expired film sometimes creates magic, like it did here — turning the Congo hot pink.

Why do we love the lipstick index so much? A discussion of economics & feminism.

Gorgeous: animals photoshopped into sacred Indian places.

If you’re in Bath, you have to go to this illuminated bulb garden! I implore you!

These really are brain-melting amalgamations!

Here are sculptures made of people from World War One. That sounds like it could potentially be gory, but it’s not! I promise!

Beautiful blue world = beautiful blue photographs.

Sarah Wilson interviewed Nicholas Sparks — you know, The Notebook guy — about what makes love work. & his answer is maybe not what you’d think.

Xeni wrote about getting her breast cancer diagnosis. When she tweeted about this, I decided that December was going to be the month I get my first mammogram. (There is a history of breast cancer in my family.) Will you get a mammogram too?

If you’re buying for geeks this Christmas, check out the ultimate gift guide for geeks!

I absolutely love these & wish they came in much larger sizes!

Some clever person rigged this typewriter to make colourful art…

Jessica Hische wrote about inspiration vs. imitation & it’s really great. Some of the comments are people TOTALLY flying off the handle, though.

15 things white girls love to do on Facebook… HAHAH! I think almost all of us are guilty of at least some of these…

If you’re pregnant — hey, congrats! — & still wearing all black & combat boots, perhaps you’d like a selection of goth baby names?

Did you know that we only catch the yawns of people we empathise with? (I always catch yawns. Does that mean I am extra-empathetic?!)

The Glory of Oprah… I like this very much.

Wooooow, this is amazing. What Becomes Of The Broker-Hearted? Stories from people who have dated brokers, bankers, analysts & other financial whizzes… INTENSE is not the word!

It was awesome, he cried and apologized and even talked about how now he knew I was the woman he wanted to marry. Best revenge ever. Don’t yell, scream or break stuff, then you’re just another “psycho.” Be calm, call him out, then move on.

More Christmas ideas: 10 experiences to give.

On self-publishing & not being Amazon’s bitch.

Leo interviewed Seth. (Do I even need to mention their last names anymore? No, I didn’t think so.)

OH MY GOD, I am crying laughing over the top 25 funniest autocorrects! If you want more, here’s 50!

Hey, it’s my hairdresser, Kristin Jackson, showing how to get curls that last all day!

Kinda love this owl…

WATCH! Molly Crabapple’s Week In Hell!

A new song by Lana Del Ray…

Thanks to Crosby for this!

Watch this if you need inspiration to build some upper-body strength!

Sexiest video ever. Not safe for work!


Beautiful time-lapses of Iceland.