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Grey Malin


June is drawing to a close, and even better: babe, it’s Friday! I hope you have something spectacular planned for the weekend. It’s Pride in NYC, so I’ll be where the rainbows are… I can’t wait. I’ve gathered up my favourite links from the month below! Enjoy!

WHOAH! Some guys snuck into Neverland and took photos. Ahhh!

Novel Idea: What If We Actually Researched Whether Menstrual Products Are Safe to Use?

You’re probably using the wrong dictionary. WHAT?!

Is Instagram ruining your love life?

First, there’s the day-to-day type of happiness—a measure of how good you feel, and what your mood is like on a moment-to-moment basis as you go through life. And then there’s a more reflective type of happiness, which is a measure of how satisfied you are with your place in the world and what you’ve achieved, when you really stop to think about it. These two things are not always in sync, Kahneman says. Just because you’re a mostly upbeat person doesn’t mean that you’re satisfied with your life, and vice versa.

What makes you cringe in social interactions?

Here’s how to give the best commencement speech ever.

Danielle LaPorte on the divine purpose of one night stands.

Arthur Tress asked children to act out their nightmares, then photographed it. Wow.

Mystic Medusa got an email from someone who had a very weird experience… And the comments are great.

Here are 6 things the most productive people do every day.

Extra-fascinating: the death of the American shopping mall.

I saved up for the wedding of my dreams, and then he broke my heart. I used the money to rediscover my happiness and independence on a solo trip to Thailand. YES.

The price of success is censorship. So much truth.

The price of success is this: You have two choices. Join the bullshit facade and plod along as another sheep in the capitalist machine, doing whatever it takes to maintain your position — or stand up for something you believe in, and accept every kick, punch and vicious attack on who you are.

Which Spice Girl “won”? Good question…

Lana Del Rey is a karaoke lover’s dream. Have you heard her new album? It’s wonderful.

Why I don’t do CrossFit.

If you’re in NYC, go and see Jeff Koons’ flowering sculpture! It’s over 37 feet tall!

I love Arthur Chu for writing this. How much longer are we going to be in denial that there’s a thing called rape culture and we ought to do something about it?

Hunger will destroy your fear of failure. It’s true.

A month’s worth of celebratory masturbating, and a few great quotes from Betty Dodson.

Orgasms have been very important to my life. I’ve always really depended on them. In a bad mood? Jerk off. Confused? Masturbate. Working on a painting and I’m stuck? Go lay down on the couch and have an orgasm.

Now you can custom-design — and 3D print — a dildo.

A few years ago, Beyoncé Knowles was like any other record-breaking pop star in an already crowded field. Then something changed.

In case you were wondering, life is not determined by who is “winning” at 19.

Love shortage drives Shia LeBoeuf nuts. What LeBoeuf and his critics need is the very same thing: someone to be nice to them.

Here are 27 tips for mastering anything!

My babe Rachel interviewed Kate Durbin about making art based on reality television.

We do this scapegoating ritual with celebrities that feels almost ancient, barbaric. We build these people up to destroy them; we love to blame celebrities for the evils of society instead of looking at ourselves. They are these sort of beautiful mirrors that we can look into when we don’t want to look at ourselves.

Björk is getting her own exhibit at MoMA!

Okay. If you are also obsessed with Orange Is The New Black (best show!), here’s some stuff: a profile on the real Alex Vause, and a blog all about the books featured in the show (and literary references).

Judy Blume is writing a new novel for adults! It’ll be out next year.

How do you sell records in this day and age? Why, manufacture a fake drama, of course! See also, his new album is all about his dick.

What’s your personal pop culture hell?

Hmmm… Now you can free your nipples without going topless!

VICE did a fantastic video profile on Alexis Neiers, where she talks about her past drug use, and encourages one of her old friends to get clean.

Here’s an interview with Bukowski’s longtime publisher, John Martin. It’s wonderful!

In other words, a person who hates their job—that’s a small person. That’s a person without any character or self-knowledge. But you can be angry at being forced to go to a job, and that’s what he was, because he wanted to write.

So, the MPAA has cracked down on scenes of cunnilingus in movies. To make up for it, here’s a list of the 10 best scenes.

I loved what Kate Northrup said on the infinite possibilities in saying “I do”.

If you’re having a bad day, these musicians losing their shit on stage will probably make you feel better.

Sting isn’t leaving any money for his kids, which is pretty awesome, actually.

Having the option of a trust fund is an “albatross” few of us – or our children – have ever had the option of wearing. But when those who do are not given the opportunity to work and to succeed and fail on their own, we are all left with a small pool of arrogant, powerful second- and third-generation snots running around who truly do believe that being born with more money makes them superior human beings.

A woman took a self portrait, then sent it to graphic designers around the world. “Make me look beautiful, like the women in magazines in your country.” The results are astonishing, and truly fascinating.

A great article about dancing with druids, from an ex-Wiccan.

I quit witchcraft long before I was old enough to join a coven (most only accept members who are over 18). My spells weren’t working, my mom was mad that I’d inadvertently set fire to the carpet with a charcoal incense block, and I didn’t want to dress like a goth or a hippie, which felt like a prerequisite. But I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if I’d become a full-fledged pagan. Could I have developed healing powers? Would my wardrobe consist exclusively of crushed velvet? Would I own a bong shop by now?

This is your brain on writing.

It’s vital to stick with it, rather than self-sabotaging because we’re afraid of success. In short, LAUNCH, baby, LAUNCH!

Jem NEARLY took down Barbie.

Is our retro obsession ruining everything? I love what Simon says about how trying to imitate what has already been done “adds more redundancy to the world”.

For $350, Tata will slap you until you’re sexy. Well, I never!

Tata and Mawin opened Face Slapping International in October of 2012. They charge $350 for 15 minutes of slaps to one side of your face or $1,000 for four separate treatments. The slaps supposedly tighten cheeks, raise eyebrows, and decrease facial wrinkles.

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Photo by Grey Malin.