Carousel: October Is Done And Dusted!

On the road again...

I‘ve got my pink suitcase packed and I’m ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime: heading down under with my two BFFs!

Today, I fly from New York to Los Angeles, and this evening, hop a flight to Brisbane with my babe Shauna. We arrive in Brisbane on Sunday (!!!) and meet Kat, and pretend that we are totally not confused and bewildered by the fact that two days just disappeared…

In other news, here are the best bits of the internet for your consumption and delight!

I’m beyond obsessed with this abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park!

Music affects plants… And it can affect you, too. (This is a great blog, have a browse!)

Just try and stop me from clicking on anything James Altucher tweets. Check out lies we tell ourselves to be liked:

I had to stop using all the energy in my brain coming up with imaginary futures. The brain is too powerful and needs a lot of fuel to keep the lies going. Better to use that fuel for being happy and good now than to make up futures and anxieties and regrets.

I absolutely adore Jonathan Fields, and his interviews are just brilliant. He sat down with Danielle LaPorte recently, and, well, I don’t think I need to tell you how beautiful, illuminating, and real it is.

More James: how to cure jealousy. And what is James’ secret for blogging so consistently? Here’s how to find your purpose in life.

6 Truths About Exercise That Nobody Wants to Believe. Harsh/true.

There’s a blog called Fucking Awesome Bulimics I Know — whoah, right? — full of interviews with fantastic women who either have or have overcome bulimia. I loved this interview with fitness guru Patricia Moreno.

This woman was the real Jessica Rabbit! Fantastic.

Ever wanted to eat lunch 750 feet underground? If that’s a desire you have, rest assured, you can indulge it!

I’m definitely battling strong urges to book a room here and bathe in a martini glass. How very Dita!

You can go up the Eiffel Tower… Online! Quelle vue!

I love these silly business cards from the 1970s.

So cool! Singing the Lesbian Blues in 1920s Harlem.

This is the most amazing paint roller wallpaper (!!!) I have ever seen! It’s also the only paint roller wallpaper I’ve ever seen…

Sad and fascinating and poignant: Joyce Carol Vincent: How could this young woman lie dead and undiscovered for almost three years? And then a documentary was made about this woman’s amazing life. I read about this for hours, it completely sucked me in.

Portraits Of My Family aims to represent family members through the objects they’ve owned. What would your portrait look like?

I’ve always said we should just cut the ads out of fashion magazines. This guy did.

Imagine living with a lion! Now that’s nutty.

This is the most intense and mysterious doodling I’ve ever seen!

Why we love outing internet trolls.

The New Enquiry’s new issue is all about witches, and it’s only $2, so you should get into it. From the editors’ note

A witch summons hidden forces to castrate the social order, poison the hearth, and fly above her “natural” station. She presides over irrepressible antagonisms, drawing on the bottomless caldron of resistance. Her power is real.

Here’s how to deal with the Pluto-Uranus square

Is your life full of energy suckers, or as Mystic Medusa calls ’em, “qi vampires”? Here’s how to deal with them.

Joan Jett did an Ask Me Anything!

If you’re in L.A., I dare you to try out the psychic barber!

This is how big companies figure out what to sell you. And the research is absolutely fascinating.

Also linked to your Guest ID is demographic information like your age, whether you are married and have kids, which part of town you live in, how long it takes you to drive to the store, your estimated salary, whether you’ve moved recently, what credit cards you carry in your wallet and what Web sites you visit. Target can buy data about your ethnicity, job history, the magazines you read, if you’ve ever declared bankruptcy or got divorced, the year you bought (or lost) your house, where you went to college, what kinds of topics you talk about online, whether you prefer certain brands of coffee, paper towels, cereal or applesauce, your political leanings, reading habits, charitable giving and the number of cars you own.

I really enjoyed Kate’s post I think I finally don’t care as much about the way I look.

Totally in love with this campaign to boost girls’ self-esteem. There’s a poster up near my house, and it makes me smile.

Where’s Waldo in NYC?

Here’s why you should quit your job.

Derek Sivers writes great notes on the books he’s read. I enjoyed these ones from Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You, where the author talks about how following passion alone can lead to feeling unfulfilled.

If you want to love what you do, abandon the passion mindset (“what can the world offer me?”) and instead adopt the craftsman mindset (“what can I offer the world?”).

Jen Dzuira is the shit. Check out the best of Bullish. This one — A Day In The Life of Bullish (Caffeine, Pinstripe, and A Lack of Time-Wasting Bullshit) — is particularly brilliant.

Srinivas on junk food of the brain (and some antidotes).

There’s a witches’ market in Bolivia.

Very interesting: 154 minutes with Graydon Carter.

In his memoir How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, a former editor at Vanity Fair named Toby Young quotes Carter as saying: “ ‘You think you’ve arrived … I hate to break it to you but you’re only in the first room. It’s not nothing—don’t get me wrong—but it’s not that great either. Believe me, there are plenty of people in this town who got to the first room and then didn’t get any further.’ ”

This “psychic” scammed people out of their life-savings! Booooo!

Staying at the Chelsea was one of the more memorable experiences of my life, but times they are a-changin’. Here are some juicy tidbits from the hotel’s rock ‘n’ roll history.

This made me laugh! Non-Americans on the weirdest things that are normal to Americans. America is really bizarre, okay?

The Ugly Reality of Creating Reality Television. Reality TV attracts millions of viewers and thousands of hopefuls, but at what cost?

Might need these myself… Homeopathic remedies for travelling.

I absolutely loved Petra’s post on censorship and the female body. Powerful stuff.

30 lessons learned from selling $30 million worth of ebooks. Wowsers!

Oh. Tells You—You Guessed It—If Someone Died In Your House. Grim!

Very Halloweenie: why dark rides scare the pants off us.

If you had to, how would you define love?

Here’s a great — and wonderfully inspiring — interview with Bobbi Brown.

See you on the other side of the planet!