Carousel: Oh, June!


Greetings from lovely Minneapolis! Shauna, Kat and I just got in yesterday and we’re already completely charmed by the Twin Cities. We’ve been living that lake life, cruising on Lake Minnetonka and enjoying a lifestyle that couldn’t be more different from the last week we spent in New York!

The three of us are lying on a bed, blogging, listening to Prince… It all feels very appropriate. We can’t wait to explore the city later on today, and given the number of you who have commented on my Minneapolis Instagrams, it seems likely we’ll run into some of you, too! (If you do see us, say hi. It will be awesome!)

Now, without further ado, your monthly Carousel…

Why does marriage deepen love?

I met Kitty Cavalier this month, and she is superb. This interview with her is great, too.

Women get bored with monogamy faster than men. Yep!

Who still listens to Limp Bizkit in 2013?! You’re about to find out…

3 Ways To Say No To People Who Want To Pick Your Brain, c/o Marie Forleo.

WTF, America?! A few lessons Kate Northrup learned from visiting Paris.

Apparently, the Long Island Iced Tea is the trashiest drink.

I didn’t even know Ren and Stimpy’s Adult Party existed. Honestly, how weird!

J Cole versus Kanye. Cole’s album was leaked, so he streamed it and I’ve been listening non-stop. My god, it’s good.

Ryan Lochte is a human jagerbomb. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

He behaves like someone who would go to Paris and eat at an Outback Steakhouse. Who would replace each key of his computer with exclamation points. … His command of the English language can only be described as “occasional.” He says one of his favorite movies is What Woman Want, with Mel Gibson, which is not actually the title but could serve as his own Cro-Magnon-y mission statement.

The same writer wrote Man Have Sex With Girl In Cave: Dissecting Gigolos, why I love watching Ron Jeremy fuck and if you gaze into The Hills, The Hills gazes also into you. Brilliantly funny.

Ever wanted a backstage pass to America’s ghost tour industry?!

I’ll Take Manhattan. “Tell me again why I’m supposed to love Brooklyn?”

I’m talking about the other Brooklyn — I like to call it the Sunday Styles–section Brooklyn, named after the pages of the popular New York Times section. … The borough felt at the same time overexposed and self-righteous. I wanted everyone to stop acting as though my happiness in life hinged on falling in love with Brooklyn.

The little girl from Mrs Doubtfire quit acting, and wrote about why child stars go crazy.

Don’t ask an unhappy man how to be happy.

Aw: New York City dogs.

Ooh, the weirdness! When Your Media Handler Goes To The Bathroom, aka, Michael Douglas loves to go down on the ladies.

Jason Calacanis wrote this about the end of empathy online in 2009 and it becomes more and more relevant as time passes. Essential reading for the internet generation.

John Galliano has given his first post-rehab interview to Vanity Fair. The entire thing is in the July 2013 issue, but there are some great snippets online.

“What had started as self-expression turned into a mask,” Galliano says. “I lived in a bubble. I would be backstage and there would be a queue of five people to help me. One person would have a cigarette for me. The next person would have the lighter. I did not know how to use the A.T.M.”

F- to the ascinating: The Tyra Banks Matriarchy: A Scholar’s Take on America’s Next Top Model.

22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other

Kris shows us the process of creating this cute postcard.

Aspiring international playgirls take note: here’s how to travel with a friend and not kill ’em!

Who needs hashtags anymore? Yeah.

What Ash learned from scooping ice-cream… And how you can apply it to your small business.

You can complain your way to a breakthrough using EFT!

There’s Bigfoot in Them Woods, on the necessity of wonder and mystery in creativity

Where Rehab Meets Reality, about Dr Drew and walking the line between medicine and entertainment. I love Dr Drew, and I think he does the best he can, but not everyone agrees!

Want to buy Coco Chanel’s house?

These behind the scenes photos of actors laughing are so cute!

I loved what Gabby has to say about how to handle negative people. I never thought of it like that, and it’s genius in its simplicity!

Some will always say you’re wrong. Derek Sivers knows what’s up.

You have to know your preferences well, because no matter what you do, someone will tell you you’re wrong.

Living With Less. A Lot Less. I’ve linked to this guy’s amazing minimalist apartment before.

Here are a whole lot of ways to go bats during this Mercury retrograde.

The Internet Is My Playground

The real you just emerges.

If you don’t know what your dream job is, don’t go into debt trying to figure it out.

Jerry Seinfeld took Ricky Gervais out for coffee, and I giggled the whole time.

Sometimes removing is exactly what’s needed.

Steven Soderbergh is retiring from film. He did an interview with plenty of good bits.

I was watching one of those iconoclast shows on the Sundance Channel. Jamie Oliver said Paul Smith had told him something he hadn’t understood until very recently: “I’d rather be No. 2 forever than No. 1 for a while.” Just make stuff and don’t agonize over it. Stop worrying about being No. 1. I see a lot of people getting paralyzed by the response to their work, the imagined result. It’s like playing a Jedi mind trick on yourself, and Smith is right. That’s the way I’ve always approached films, the way I approach everything. Just make ’em.

Collaborative Publishing, and why it’s never just “self” publishing.

Similarly, Self-publishing is the future — and great for writers.

An interview with Alan Moore:

AM: I think that the current interest in occult and magical activities among musicians and artists is kind of to be welcomed, and in some ways perhaps predictable and inevitable. I think that our culture has gone about as far as it can in having no content or meaning to its art, and I think that an attempt to invest meaning in our culture and in our art by imbuing it with a sensibility of magic is probably necessary, and, like I said, probably inevitable, and certainly long overdue. I salute it considerably.

Here’s how to buy happiness. Hint: buying a home doesn’t make your life feel any more satisfying. And wanting expensive things make us happier than actually buying them. A Sugar Baby’s Reality.

Behind Kanye’s Mask, from the New York Times.

I will be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars, because I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus.

What can Frances Ha teach us about friendship? I loved this.

I haven’t seen this one yet, but I bet it’s good: Tim Ferriss interviews Neil Strauss on the creative process.

If you’re seeking more happiness or prosperity, why not rearrange your office according to feng shui?

As I said on Twitter, this sixth grade heavy metal band brought tears to my eyes from SHEER AWESOMENESS.

41 Little-Known Facts About ‘The Bling Ring’

This is the very first profile on Paris Hilton, from 2000.

You can tell who is part of the online community for the right reasons.

In No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood, comedy writer Henriette Mantel rounds up a troupe of female entertainers and authors whose essays explore various facets of what it means to be happily child-free.

It is not an experiment in which I will have the chance to participate. Motherhood is not in the cards for me. Is it a loss? How would I know? I’m too busy living. I am blessed with a full, healthy, and interesting life. And then every once in a while, true to my gender, I ask myself: How would I feel if I were someone’s mother? And how would that someone feel about me? I will never know. “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

Melissa Etheridge thinks that Angelina Jolie made “the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer”.

Sian is a badass Kiwi designer. She can transform your website, her blog kills, and she’s a damn good photographer, too. Nice.

My babe Loulou wrote an excellent piece about our energy in relation to social media.

10 Reasons It’s Not Worth Getting Upset Over What People Think.

Seth Godin on respect and love

Time to invest in magic. Time to take the risk and leap into the unmapped, unsafe and unreliable territory where love lives.

Dare is the world’s first plus-sized fashion magazine!

This interview with Rick Rubin is just so good.

Your camera doesn’t matter.

Madonna on her most recent tour: “The world needs to be inspired — it’s my job, it’s all of our jobs to bring people up.”

Wow, these Buddhist Monks Are Having a Louis Vuitton Scandal.

This video love letter to NYC is compiled of one-second shots, and it’s gorgeous.

Here’s how to stay focused in a distracted world.

A fantastic interview with Pam Grossman, on magic and esoterica.

…Balance is stagnant, and frankly, not a very realistic goal: life is constantly in flux, so we have to continually recalibrate. But what we can strive for is equilibrium. It’s a much more fluid concept, and I think as a paradigm, is also a much more forgiving way of looking at life. It implies that life is kinetic and always changing, but that we can use our awareness and other tools to keep ourselves in relationship with it in a fulfilling and healthy way.

This is the cutest couple from a New York yearbook. Aw!

Sofia Coppola on the Bling Ring and privacy in celebrity culture.

Marilyn Manson interviewed by Larry King.

Loved Sarah Wilson’s Conscious Club talk… Lots of info here she doesn’t share on her blog!

Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais in conversation about comedy. So great!

Much love,