Carousel: Patrick Bateman’s New York, Old Burlesque Memorabilia & Tips For Better Self-Portraits!

CarouselHappy breakfast! I Pee-Wee!

It’s been a long time! Here are some links to keep you busy for the rest of the weekend… & maybe through the week!

His Girl Has A Girlfriend: On Bisexuality In Hip-Hop from Autostraddle. See also, 21 Music Videos Featuring Lesbian-Style Action!

6 killer writing tips from a great-grandmother of a copy editor c/o Problogger. Haha! I love this.

My girl Bindu wrote about fear & fearlessness.

I want to go to the green lake on the roof of Selfridges!

I wish I was in Australia so I could watch Eat Yourself Sexy! Go Sarah! She also asked me for my tips on inner-city bikes & biking… (As well as a bunch of other excellent people!) You can check out our ideas here!

Stef, who is Betsey Johnson’s muse, wrote a little piece about muses & the history of the artist/muse relationship.

Scouting NY is such a brilliant blog for anyone with more than a passing interest in New York City. This piece, on Patrick Bateman’s New York, is AMAZING!

The Chelsea Hotel saga is ongoing, & very sad. The infamous building has been purchased by some faceless company, evicted all the hotel guests & the people who live there are unsure of their futures… You can read about it here & here & other places too.

Who falls to addiction, & who is unscathed? is a piece about Amy Winehouse & the nature of addiction from the New York Times.

Sarah Wilson hung out with Louise Hay & they had a great chat.

I love all this old burlesque memorabilia!

This gallery of newly-married gay couples makes me smile!

Here’s an article from Crazy Sexy Life about alcohol consumption.

How Not To Become A Grumpy Old Blogger (!!!) from everyone’s favourite problogger, Darren Rowse.

‘People thought I was a freak. I kind of liked that’ is all about Penelope Tree.

I absolutely loved this article: Here is everything I learned in New York City.

This list of common misconceptions is so interesting! So much of what we think we know is total nonsense!

Elsie wrote up 5 tips for better self-portraits, & there are some great hints in there! Plus, have you seen her self-portraits?! She knows her stuff!

5 Top Secret Things You Need To Know About Marriage is good readin’ for everyone, but especially newlyweds!

It’s no secret that I love Kris Carr, & this New York Times article (go Kris!!!) espouses exactly why! Kris Carr: Crazy Sexy Entrepreneur.

Rachel Rabbit Write wrote a piece for The Frisky about her open marriage, & how it has shaped the relationship between her & her husband. She also put together a piece on marriage facts for The Smoking Jacket.

Veggie Wedgie makes the most amazing-looking raw food!

Good tips for international playgirls from Sarah Wilson: How do you travel & not fall apart, health-wise?

Molly Crabapple talks about young artists & the hustle.

Teen vampire arrested for breaking, entering & feeding… Pretty much exactly what it sounds like, which doesn’t make it any less weird, does it?

Top 10 Ways To Survive Your Crappy Job from Lifehacker. Definitely a good read for people who are stuck somewhere for a little while…

I love these makeup tips for girls who wear glasses — you might too!

I also love a good bracelet assortment!

This article on Heidi & Spencer about their reality television “careers” is SO fascinating. Really. Read it!

Garance Dore writes about the difference between New York skinny & Paris skinny.

This dog makes Hank & Dolly look like the laziest dogs ever!

Old New York.