Carousel: Riot Grrrls, Cynicism & Bettie Page!


A Brief Survey of Ridiculous Anti-Drug Propaganda for your viewing pleasure!

From Autostraddle (my new favourite site): Why are we still expecting rich corporations to like gays more than money?

…& even better, Real L Word returns for season 2 with extra-sexy lesbian sex. Honestly, their recaps are tear-inducing.

I found this article on Alexander McQueen really fascinating.

So true! An open letter to Victoria’s Secret about how it’s time for them to get with the program when it comes to how they market their product. Their commercials are designed to appeal to 15 year old boys, not women, who are their actual customers!

A Feminist Riot That Still Inspires is all about the riot grrrl movement.

I love Heidi Rose’s take on astrology! Thanks, Sri!

HerHattan interviewed my friend Ashley from Glittle Cupcakes about being a small business owner in NYC!

‘Paris Syndrome’ strikes Japanese. Hahah! So funny.

Many of the visitors come with a deeply romantic vision of Paris – the cobbled streets, as seen in the film Amelie, the beauty of French women or the high culture and art at the Louvre. The reality can come as a shock.

If that first Real L Word recap wasn’t enough for you, try this one on for size. (Hint: Watch the show first. OH SO FUNNY!)

“That’s your problem, you’re thinking too much,” Sara tells Whitney re: Whitney’s resistance to loving Sara forever. I’m concerned that if Whitney cut down any more on the amount of time she spends thinking about what she does to women, she might as well just stand on her porch with her strap-on out, waiting for visitors.

I don’t watch a lot of old movies, but I looooooved this piece on Clark Gable, & his scandalous ways!

I found this piece — the real reason gay men don’t get fat — kinda sad.

Danielle LaPorte lets us know the difference between being discerning & cynical. Yes, love it. Reminds me of this fantastic quote by John Fowles: “All cynicism masks a failure to cope.”

Wanna go pro with your blogging? Coveted Media are hiring! (& Jennine would be pretty great to work for!)

I loved this response to my Blogger Beautiful piece, A Blogger’s Dilemma: Writers, Body Image & Online Style.

This gallery of famous people with their pets is pretty cute. I like the guy who says he wishes his horse could play golf. Yeah! Okay!

I always love Nubby’s “Week In Pictures” posts, & I especially love her Hello From Hollywood!

OOOOOOOH my god! I would totally ride a hoverbike! What about you?

Untag this photo: “Her area of expertise is the photographic examination of social performances and group interactions in both public and private spaces. Litovsky has noticed that more women are aiding their own objectification while maintaining control over their image.” The photos are pretty interesting too!

I really like Natalie Shau’s art. You can see more here.

Australia’s Shelter Animals Get Professional Portraits… Bless.

Do you want to go to a Candyland-inspired Japanese nightclub? I do. Very much!

There’s this documentary called Confessions Of A Superhero which follows the lives of a few actors who work on Hollywood Boulevard, dressed as superheroes. I think Hollywood has officially put the squash on that kind of thing now, but this photo series — the real lives of superheroes — is still fascinating. Or, if you prefer, there’s the secret life of skeletons!

I love the colours, textures & styling of this shoot!

(For the record, I LOVE Beyonce… but it’s important to be informed!)

Enjoy your weekend!