Carousel: RuPaul’s Brand Loyalty, Accidental Magic Mushroom Trips, And A Summer Solstice Tarot Spread!

Carousel in Florence

Oh my goodness: it’s July! I must admit, this is not my longest Carousel, but that’s okay. Read a few things that tickle your fancy, then get outside and enjoy the summer! Life is for living, after all! (Don’t worry: if you’re Down Under, you have permission to read every single link while you snuggle up under the covers!)

22 things Lisa Boswell learned from tarot. Very cool.

Here are Sarah Wilson’s favourite ways to have people leave her alone via email.

The power of “I am.” PREACH!

Tinder in Japan… Oh my goodness. There are no words.

RuPaul is a mistress of building fan loyalty. Here’s what you can learn from the Drag Race empire.

I did a great interview with Christian Salafia of Transform Radio about my book, weird boyfriends, body image, and getting naked in front of strangers!

Jayne had an accidental magic mushroom trip and here’s her experience…

I loved this article about how a woman took up surfing in New York and her life completely changed.

Nicki Minaj on how to close the orgasm gap. Uh-huh honey!

Anais Nin took acid and wrote a beautiful diary entry about it.

The problem with email. This was a bit of a theme this month!

Why is America obsessed with perfect teeth?

Proper condom etiquette is sexy.

Trying to do everything before a vacation is actually not the best idea.

Roman philosopher Seneca stated: “Life is long enough, and it has been given in sufficiently generous measure, to allow the accomplishment of the very greatest things if the whole of it is well invested.” Invest wisely in your time off, through preparation, shifting your mind-set, and limiting your engagement with what’s going on back at the office, and you can expect to accomplish great things when you return from vacation, truly rejuvenated.

Ariana Grande reminds us that she is not a possession, and neither are you.

Getting your period in prison is not a walk in the park. Speaking of which, I just read Orange Is The New Black — so good. I’m excited to watch Season 3, too.

When you die, you won’t care about emails. (See? Told you it was a theme!)

Learn how to do a Summer Solstice star tarot spread! Beautiful. I did this in Florence with the Jodorowsky Marseille deck.

What if your oldest friend hasn’t evolved much? Is it time to trim the fat? Maybe not. I love this answer.

How can you start charging for something you’ve always done for free? Alex breaks it down for you.

Taylor Swift takes passive aggression to a whole new level.

Could this be the sparkliest loft in L.A.?!

This teacher started teaching Kendrick Lamar in school, and then Kendrick surprised the school with a visit! So awesome!

Call your power back to you with this simple but powerful ritual.

Creative people say no (or, as Austin Kleon says, “Creative people say yes until they have enough work that they can say no.” Here are some of the awesome historical ways they have done so. I’m a big fan of “I must decline, for secret reasons.” HAHA!

L-O-V-I-N-G this idea: the High Vibe Guide from The Cosmic Collective. It’s a seasonal guidebook to empowered, high-vibrational living, and it’s only $11 for 100 pages. Awesome!

Nicole Kidman gave a badass speech.

Women are too susceptible to the voice that tells us we need to be accepted … Men say, “I want this.” And then they set out to do it. Women say: “Do I want this? Don’t I want this? Do I deserve this? Can I get this? Hmm, what do you think?” And framing things this way leads women to second-guess our decisions, to ignore our own confidence, to revert to a place that we think is safe, acceptable … I don’t regret much. I try not to live that way, but the regrets that I do have, all go back to the decisions that I’ve made out of fear. Not a fear of my own weakness, but of my own power.

Kanye loves to prove his haters wrong and I have massive respect for that.

If you want to learn tarot but have no idea where to begin, my babe Veronica Varlow is holding a 6 week online intensive to get you up to speed and give you a personal connection with the cards. Love it! Do it!

Candace Bushnell wrote a crazy new book and she doesn’t date. (Pretty amazing to hear from the proto-Carrie, no?)

Here’s how to waste time productively and actually become more creative.

Living in L.A. made Julieanne get over her body issues.

You should have a personal team of directors.

Go Arnie! The Terminator had a perfect response to an anti-gay post on his Facebook page.

Would you ever reimagine your Instagram profile by picking a theme and sticking to it? My take: it’s visually pleasing, but I like it when people keep it real and are more spontaneous.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) caused Lauren Wasser to lose her leg. Ugh, this is heartbreaking. Avoid tampons whenever you can!

How can you do the most good? A look at effective altruism.

Here’s a handy (and illustrated!) guide to gentrification.

Want to be an artist? Watch Groundhog Day.

Building a body of work (or a life) is all about the slow accumulation of a day after day’s worth of effort over time. Writing a page each day doesn’t seem like much, but do it for 365 days and you have enough to fill a novel. You do it your whole life, and you have a career.

5 Witchy Ways To Take Care Of Yourself, and we could all use more of this kind of thing!

Here’s a woman’s guide to learning to love masturbation. Yay! (See also: Finishing School. Great name!)

20 highlights from New York magazine’s summer sex diaries.

Marriage equality in the USA is such a beautiful thing. Here are 30 things that will make you tear up. The image below is too amazing not to share.


The big business of selling your old clothes at Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closet, et al.

Here’s why doing awesome work means making yourself vulnerable.

Whoah, Nelly! 200 essential resources for entrepreneurs building a business.

Marc Maron interviewed President Barack Obama on his podcast and it has been listened to over a million times… As it should!

Do I Sound Gay? This documentary looks so interesting!

There’s a 1930’s ice cream parlour hidden inside a Cincinnati train station! (Please go and take photos if you live nearby!)

I had no idea this even existed: Aurora Australis (the Southern Hemisphere version of Aurora Borealis!) in New Zealand! GORGEOUS!

Harnaam Kaur has PCOS, which means she has been growing a beard since she was 11 years old. Here’s how she reclaimed it. YES!

If you want to do something, do it. Give yourself permission.

What can you do if a friend is grieving? Here’s how to help.

Check out The Modern Mystic Podcast, by Paige Zaferiou and Amelia Quint! It’s NEW and it’s delightful.

Here are 5 essential Photoshop tools to edit your blog photos — and how to use them!

Girl Scouts turned down money so they could stand with trans girls. My heart!

My friend Blueprint has an awesome new podcast called Super Duty Tough Work. This episode is all about hip-hop, mentoring, entrepreneurship, and race relations. It’s SO interesting. Listen!

Here’s how to decode the minor arcana in tarot. Easy breezy beautiful!







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