Carousel: Single Ladies, Exploding Heads & Charles Bukowski!

CarouselRasa Zukauskaite by Ellen von Unwerth.

Happy Friday! …& hello from Barcelona! It’s so beautiful here! I’m listening to Michael Jackson & getting ready to go out for a long, extravagant dinner with the Style Coalition girls. We’ve been having the most marvellous time; I can’t wait to update you on it (& share our snaps!) when I get back to New York City!

In the meantime, here’s a bundle of fun things to read… Have an excellent weekend!

When a woman puts herself down, this is relevant. The initial post is good, but the ongoing discussion is even better.

Why occupy? Here’s why from Susannah Breslin & Forbes.

Chloe wrote about our wedding! What a cutie!

Okay, this is just WEIRD. Meat Lover: The most horrifying NYC subletting story you’ve ever heard. It’s old, I know, but that doesn’t make it any less unsettling!

Who doesn’t love a story about female orgasm?

GOOP is on a roll right now! Here’s their most recent newsletter which is all about how to buy art! It’s great for people with absolutely no experience in this arena. Read it!

Whoah, I need teacup lights in my house!

An article for all the single ladies from The Atlantic.

On Occupy Wall Street: Here are the four charts that explain what the protesters are angry about… & who wouldn’t be?

If you’re in the mood for something weird, have a browse through these creepy Wikipedia articles! Head transplant is a strange one!

I discovered Soma FM this week & now I’m hooked! Some of my favourite stations are Digitalis, Illinois Street Lounge, Mission Control, Secret Agent & Suburbs of Goa. So good!

On masturbation: How can something so good really be so “wrong”?

Marie — some of you may know her as Agent Lover — has a great beauty & advice column on Rookie. Damn girl, ya look good!

Here’s Charles Bukowski’s reaction upon hearing one of his books had been removed from a library.

Roald Dahl was the best.

The Lavazza calendar is always great, & this year is no exception. In fact, somewhat strangely, it’s all portraits of famous photographers at work. So cool!

Feed Your Soul is a really important piece, about our secret fears of what might happen if we put ourselves first, & how food plays into it. Reeeeeeeeead it!

More beautiful photos of Paris by Ms Kris Atomic!