Carousel: Stylish 70 Year Olds, How To Quit Email & The Dalai Lama!


For your viewing pleasure… !

Sarah Wilson had a sit-down with the Dalai Lama. This is what he told her.

This gallery of stylish 70 year old women is so wonderful!

I think this is the most beautiful wedding ever. Totally swooning!

I’ve featured the photography of Elena Kalis before — it’s so gorgeous! Recently, Ben Trovato interviewed her & shared a few more pictures.

I stumbled upon this totally by accident: An ex-Playboy Bunny database! Photos, stories & all! Loooooooooove!

Smart words: I think you should save money & not spend it all on fashion. Definitely something a few of us are still coming to grips with!

Change the world or go the fuck home. AMEN!

Here’s an interview with Amy of Sugarpill fame!

More Sarah Wilson goodness: an interview on the Huffington Post.

Um… all I can say is, cute.

Marie Forleo interviewed Richard Branson (one of my personal heroes!), & it’s a very enlightening video!

This guy is quitting email & quite frankly, I’m kinda jealous!

Alexandra Franzen is going on a digital sabbatical soon, & in case you’re interested in joining her, here are 78 (legal, wholesome) cheery things to do on your digital sabbatical!

10 Unexpectedly Awesome Foreign Musical Genres c/o Flavorwire. I’m pretty into Indian psychedelic fusion!

Coachella held a contest, asking people for their dream line-ups from the past. I love the posters! Man, how amazing would those shows have been?!

The 10 Coolest Witches In Pop Culture! HA! Numbers 1 & 2 are my favourites… OF COURSE!

I’m pretty excited about Roseanne’s Nuts — a reality show featuring Roseanne Barr, following her adventures in macadamia nut farming in Hawaii! The clips will give you a giggle… I especially like her screaming at trees!

Here’s a letter from a Pixar animator, reminding us all to PERSIST!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I think is pretty rad, is putting together a book of short stories… & he wants your submissions! Short story writers, don’t delay, SEND HIM YOUR STUFF!

What your favourite 80s band says about you! Hahahahaah!!! This is soooooo great.

A few of the best music videos you’ve probably never seen.

How to fake like you’re a Parisian… This is so brilliant & funny! (So true about Americans always yelling “Oh my God” & saying everything is “amazing”… Definitely habits worth breaking!)

I’m pretty into these photos of 1970s icons partying in New York City!

I don’t know what to think about this: 10 rappers & their indie rock counterparts… Honestly though, you cannot compare Odd Future & Nick Cave!!!

So, in weird, unexpected pairings, Shia LaBeouf is going to shoot a documentary about MARILYN MANSON. Yes, I will watch it! Several times!

I enjoyed this field guide to musical typography.

The University of Oxford broke up with the Oxford comma!!!!!!!!!! It’s punctuation news!

Bjork’s new project, Biophilia, is going to be really, really intense!

Finally, here are 10 underrated 2011 albums you need to hear. Happy eardrums!