Carousel: The Calm Before The Storm…


Greetings from JFK Airport! Oh yes. It’s all very glamorous. There’s a hurricane a-blowin’, so I pushed my flight. I’m leaving (soon) for Los Angeles, where I’m going to spend a few days before making my way on to New Zealand.

So as I sit here, under the fluorescent lights, I thought I’d compile you a little package of good things to read, & stuff to make you feel good. I hope these tidbits keep you occupied & bring a smile to your face!

Leo from Zen Habits talks about the 5 principles of a profound workday. It’s idealistic, yes, but wonderful to think about & work out what you could implement, personally.

Yes! Louise Hay tells me her #1 healing trick by Sarah Wilson. Okay, so I had a brief flicker of JELLY when I read that these two incredible women had hung out, but I quickly got over it. Louise’s tip to Sarah is so true, & so useful. I’m going to start doing it, too.

Did you ever hear of The Jokers, a gang in Brooklyn in 1959? Me either… But they sure looked rad!

Rachel Rabbit White writes about why I got married young.

The Daily Love on why it’s important to love yourself.

What’s making your life better right now? Great comments! Very eye-opening & interesting.

Like, OMG! Here’s every single outfit Cher Horowitz wore in Clueless in under 60 seconds. So good! Who styled that movie? It was impeccable!

The Muppets x The Smiths = genius.

Becoming the person you were meant to be: Where to start by Anne Lamott. She wrote one of my favourite books on writing, called Bird By Bird. You should check it out, for sure!

I absolutely LOVED reading all about Ava Gardner’s sordid history! Fantastic. The Elizabeth Taylor one is good readin’ too!

There is ghost vodka?!

Bei Badgirl is finally selling prints of her art & you should DEFINITELY wallpaper your room with them.

Hahah… The Best Worst Stuff People Tried To Sell At The Junk Shop. More hilarious than it should be!

Gosh, perhaps we should ALL join Dirty Girls Ministries?! (What a great name.)

I just found this out, & I am excited about it: THERE IS A MERMAID CONVENTION IN LAS VEGAS! How come we weren’t ALL there?!

Amy always posts the cutest pictures of her friends. I like these ones from the Sanrio I Heart Nerds party!

To everyone in the hurricane’s path — please be careful & heed all the warnings. We watched the news last night, & there were so many people calling in who weren’t taking it seriously at all! 100mph winds are a big deal… Please look after yourselves, put together a bag of essentials in case you have to evacuate, & find a place you can go where your animals will be welcome also! Be safe!