Carousel: The End Of April…

Happy Friday! The weather is glorious and I’m looking forward to a couple of days of chilling out before diving head-first into the nuttiness of next week! It’s going to be a biggie: I’m judging a pet fashion competition at FIT (!!!), Kat arrives on Saturday, and I have some other big news to share, too! Whew!

I hope you enjoy these links, and get some rest this weekend!

The Man Behind the Face, Dr Frederic Brandt, king of Botox.

I’m absolutely in love with Alice Temperley’s British country house. Yes, I could definitely live there!

Very swoonworthy: photos of Costa Rica covered in flower petals.

The weird but beautiful behind-the-scenes of America’s Textile Industry.

I looooove these thirty magical fitness tips. Magic + fitness = everything good.

Hmm… Should you share your #AfterSex selfie? (Nnnnnnope.)

This made me laugh: Detox for couples. When Alexandra Roxo decided to embark on a hardcore nine-day Ayurvedic cleanse, she had no idea her girlfriend would decide to come along for the ride. Cue tears, tantrums and an ocean of emotion.

Oh, the truthiness! Welcome to Spin Class: You Won’t Last. If you’ve never been to a spin class, this will tell you everything you need to know (and it’s so funny).

This is a great article on how Courtney Love is working her Jupiter.

Here are some rules of the NYC sidewalk.

Stop worrying: teenagers are not internet-addled cyborgs with overdeveloped thumbs …In fact, they are probably better at navigating a world of smartphones and social networks than we crusties aged 20 and over.

What unites many of those who are heavily invested in social networks, Marwick argues, is “a sense of life as an ongoing performance”.

Your Kindness Is Good for You, on why we could all use a little more self-examination.

I loved these illustrations of NYC bikers.

Be Here Nowish — the story of two jaded New Yorkers who go to LA to dabble in green juice, meditation and spirituality — just released four episodes.

This interview with Bei Badgirl about body image, feminism and social media is smart and awesome.

Letting go is difficult at first – you’re breaking habits. But then the sense of lightness, freedom and happiness is addictive. I can’t imagine going back to hating my body; it was so oppressive! Hating your body, fat-shaming, skinny-shaming… it’s a vicious cycle. When you’re judging yourself you end up judging others, and nothing good is born out of unhappiness and hate. Be kind to yourself.

Here are some original artworks from Courtney Love.

Keri Smith writes, be your own celebrity.

This light show makes psychedelic carpet appear in a huge church.

Aw. 3 years ago you were evicted, I have your dog.

Are you desperately seeking a man with stink breath? Hahaha. This is so gross, but funny!

The perfect way to get your partner to stop browsing Craigslist.


Why are Bikini Kill so awesome? Because of songs like this.

If you dye your hair crazy colours, I KNOW you need this! How I rescued my bleach-ravaged hair.

I love you so much, you’re to blame for absolutely everything.

We simply cannot and therefore don’t usually get angry with the people who are really to blame for hurting us. Rather, we get angry with those whom we can be sure will tolerate us for blaming them. So we get angry with the very nicest, most sympathetic, most loyal people in our vicinity, the ones actually least likely to have harmed us, but most likely to stick around while we blame them for having done so.

Advertising to children is now illegal in Brazil.

Shauna wrote about our re-branding efforts, with a personal twist. Aw!

Here are the secrets of a Nasty Gal.

This is cool: an illustrated map of New York hip-hop.

Here is why you should never read the comments. Although, of course, they end the article with, “You’re the reason we still read the comments section.” So, YMMV!

Do you suck at/loathe networking? You are not alone… I am here with you… Etc. Jessica Hische wrote some non-creepy networking tips.

This is a brilliant pin: 10 questions to ask yourself before buying an expensive designer item. Very smart!

Here’s how to be an artist.

Things that made me grin: Coloring Book Corruptions, aka adults being gross and weird.

Trying to get rid of the fear is not the answer.

On being trapped by linkbait.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Meaningful practice makes perfect, even if you don’t get paid for it.

Sex and rent in New York City.

Veronica wrote about the time her house burned to the ground, and three tips to get through hard times.

Want to learn how to be a part-time zen master? It’s as easy as taking a walk.

My babe Mystic Medusa wants us all to try meditating. Wanna join? As she says,

Meditation is hard at first and we are ALL busy but it’s so worth it, there are massive benefits to mind, bod + soul and everyone cool is doing it.


This girl is awesome!


Dancing in the subway? Why not?!

Have an incredible weekend, babe!

Balloons and bubble-gum,

Xox image by Margaret Berg.