Carousel: The Start Of A Beautiful Weekend!


Hello, Friday! All signs point to a beautiful weekend ahead — do you have anything special planned? I want to see my girlfriends & get some sunshine: sounds perfect to me!

By the way, if you’ve been feeling tired lately, it could have something to do with that Dark Moon overhead! Don’t worry, though — by 8pm Sunday (EST), we’ll be under the influence of a Gemini New Moon. Much more pleasant! In the meantime, get some rest & stay well-hydrated! (You can always read more about this kind of thing at Mystic Medusa!)

I am 100% in LOVE with this geode street art project! I definitely want to scope out a few when I’m in Los Angeles next!

Are you an Instagram addict? (Me toooooo.)

Here are some of the the best Yelp reviews of strip clubs… “The complimentary popcorn wasn’t complimentary at all.” OH MY!

So What Do You Do, Dan Savage, Nationally Syndicated Sex Columnist?

Here’s a HUGE list of free (& intelligent) movies you can watch online! I love the documentaries section: Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man, Johnny Cash: The Last Great American, It Might Get Loud, Paris is Burning & Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness would be my picks!

David Byrne: From Talking Heads Frontman to Leading Urban Cyclist, a video of Mr Byrne himself riding around NYC!

David Dallas’ new track, Pay Off, is rad, & what he wrote about the track is good, too:

There’s always a point where you have to decide whether to actually put your all into any given undertaking. From that point, any number of things can determine whether it ultimately succeeds or fails. To take a ‘leap of faith’ has always seemed more an idealistic statement than a truthful one to me. The word faith implies a higher degree of certainty or confidence than most of us have when attempting to do anything special. In reality, it’s more of a leap of hope – done on a feeling, a hunch, that if what you do is good enough, one day it’ll all pay off.

Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar cookbook is now available… Have you been following her adventures in abandoning the white stuff? I’m so inspired by what she’s doing; check it out.

One of my favourite people ever (EVER!), Shae, has re-opened her incredible vintage clothing store, Lullie Vintage. You need to have a look. I promise you’ll swoon!

James & her family adopted some chickens… This (almost) makes me want to move somewhere that is not NYC! …& then I get over it. Hahah. But AWWW!

Aureta’s blog is my new favourite. See also: travel porn out the wazoo. This girl knows how to jetset with style!

Speaking of, did you see The Glamourai’s travel diary from Morocco?! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. Amazing!

This is a wonderful piece of writing: If You Love Her, Let Her Grow, a post by Gareth, otherwise known as Mr RockNRollBride. He addresses something that is becoming increasingly common among couples — where one person is rocking an online business & their partner feels left behind or just plain left out — & how to not just get around it, but turn the negatives into positives. A great read for all bloggers (& husbands, wives, lovers & friends of bloggers!).

Love these photos from inside hot air balloons!

Have you seen Wildfox’s official Tumblr? Major cuteness!

Oh my goodness… MERMAIDS!

Yes, I definitely spent some time on the Wildfox blog this morning! They shoot such beautiful editorials.

If you’re in New York, how about a visit to Mars?

Love this: happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens. This is something I need to work on, for sure.

A gorgeous time-lapse for wannabe astronauts…

Holi in slow motion!!!

Ashley made Radical Self Love cupcakes!

I always adore Agent Provocateur’s advertisements.

Oh my god! Best PSA ever!

Socrates on self-confidence.

P.S. Here’s a song for your day!