Carousel: Too Much Reading Material?! NEVER!

Carousel: Too Much Reading Material?! NEVER!Photo by Ruth Swanson.

It’s time for your monthly Carousel! I hope you’re loving this epic new format; I am! If you’re not joining us at The Blogcademy: Portland tomorrow, then this will definitely keep you busy!

Alright, I’m signing off for the day… Shauna, Kat and I are meeting up with Made U Look for a full day of Portland adventures! You can follow along with our escapades on Instagram!

Women tearing down other women is out of control, as seen in this article: Sheryl Sandberg isn’t the perfect feminist. So what?

Gay and Katie Hendricks can teach you how to detox your relationship. (I love them!)

Remember my piece about the vampire ball from the start of the month? Rabbit — who invited me in the first place — wrote about it too. I love her piece so, so much. Rachel Hills read it, and wrote about “schtick”. And then Rabbit had some more thoughts on the matter.

Si’s write-up on the four horsemen of the relationship apocalypse is brilliant. A must-read for anyone in a relationship (or who wants to be in a healthier one!)

Are thirty-somethings invisible?

Wow, brilliant! Coffitivity provides ambient background noise of a coffee shop to keep you focussed and working!

Anne Hathaway is not your friend and can’t we just get over it already?

I am 100% into these girl code rules!

Here’s a cute infographic pitting London against New York City!

2013 is totally the year of the witch… And I don’t mind at all.

In case you were wondering, here’s why NYC is the greatest city in the world. Not that I’m biased, or anything!

Here are 22 things happy people do differently.

Danielle went to India for six weeks to study yoga. Her photos and stories are beautiful and thoughtful.

Alex wrote a great piece on how to attract people you can count on. So good. Love it.

Here are some tips on refreshing your blog through updating and recycling your older content.

Uh, whoah. I am quite keen to make the gluten-free version of this deep dish single lady salted vegan chocolate chip cookie.

Hahah, I loved these suggested Cosmo headlines.

I was hit by a wave of nostalgia when I started thinking about things I was doing on the computer in 1997! Oh lord, that shot of Windows 95… The incredible ugliness!

I literally CANNOT believe they’re getting rid of Google Reader. I’ve been using it religiously since… Well, since whenever they first created it! If you’re panicking, Lifehacker put together a list of the best alternatives. I have transferred all my feeds over to Bloglovin and I’m enjoying it!

At Fashion 2.0, I was asked by Racked what I didn’t like about technology. Any guesses as to what my answer was?

I’m not a big drinker, but after my friend Tommy’s birthday a couple of weeks, I really needed this Sunday morning hangover mixtape!

If you’re not where your parents were when they were your age, don’t feel bad. We’re all in the same boat.

YES! (Transfixing.)

Here are 8 tips for editing your life that work for any budget.

I love this interview with Anjelica Huston.

There are two levels of truth today. There’s the truth that goes on between people, and then there’s the realitytelevision truth. In those days, there was only one kind of truth—what you were and what you were trying to do in the world—as opposed to “presented truth.”

I loved this interview with Paul Kostick, location scout!

A review of Salt Sugar Fat, a new book by Michael Moss.

If you adore Joseph Campbell, like I do, give this a listen!

Just laughed until I cried reading these texts you don’t want to get from your parents!

Sick of being told what to eat all the time? Yeah. I like this article: Cook Your Own Food. Eat What You Want. (Think for Yourself.)

I loved getting a peek inside Jordan Ferney’s 500 square foot apartment which she shares with her husband and two little boys! Now that is maximised space!

Huh! Scenes from L.A.’s growing alchemist problem…

How to design your brand with Matthew Manos, who I met at TEDxCMU and think is the bee’s knees!

Soda associated with 180,000 preventable deaths each year.

About 25,000 deaths in the United States in 2010 were linked to sugary drink consumption.

Lululemon is handling the sheer yoga pants scandal all wrong! I AGREE!

For writers: shut up and write the book.

A good question: do you create anything, or just criticise others?

This is so silly, but what does your hair say about you? (Do you agree?)

Wow, this woman lives in Manhattan on $1000/month… And she’s writing a book about it.

What’s your favourite motivational saying? Some of these are great, and some are just funny. Especially the Aristotle/Socrates exchange on weight-lifting.

Yoko Ono has some style advice for men, including the following…

“When you see a rainbow in the sky. Breathe it in. And make your room into a rainbow room.” (Yoko Ono)

I swooned reading this: You know that The Blogcademy has changed your life when…

The seedy underbelly of the Miss USA pageant is… seedy. Gross.

Netflix knows everything about you.

Gerard Butler did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and he comes across as such a cool, down-to-earth person.

This desk is so cute, and very inspiring!

Is there life after work? This article inspired me to close my laptop after I read it.

Becoming The All-Terrain Human. WOW. This guy is inspiring!

Sometimes in his all-day solitary runs, stopping only to eat berries, he can seem half-feral, more mountain goat than human. He likes to move fast and touch rock and feel wild, he told me; he feels most at ease and performs best when wrapped by the silence and beauty of the mountains. He can’t abide cities for more than a few hours.

What are you running after? I asked Jornet. Having beaten men, do you now want to challenge the mountains? He gently corrected me. You don’t beat the mountains. You go when they permit, he said. The speed records and “firsts” aren’t important except for motivation, he insisted. Then he mentioned the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Hughes Galeano, who once likened the ideal of Utopia to the horizon — goals that retreat even as we chase them. “The important thing is not to catch something,” said Jornet. … What matters in life is the pursuit, and everything we learn along the way. “The important thing,” he said, “is moving.”

I adore these 18 not-so-secret truths for the creative badass. Worth committing to memory!

From Jessica Mullen, here are 8 ways to trust that everything’s working out.

Kris Carr wrote about how to work less and live more, including such gems as “you’re not as indispensable as you think you are”, and giving the advice to just delete emails. YES. FREEDOM!

I haven’t seen it, but apparently The Carrie Diaires isn’t doing so well. Candace Bushnell defends it in this interview.

Love! Here’s a riot grrrl documentary from 1996!

Heartwarming: interviews with children whose parents are gay.

Steve Braunias is a badass, and he’s going to give $500 to the most well-written sentence of the year.

Lexie was inspired by my prom post and created a prom playlist full of, as she says, “idyllic hits from the 50’s”!

Veronica wrote about how to make a long flight a wild adventure!

On writing post-fatherhood. I think everyone should read this, parent or not.

Marilyn Manson’s MTV diary. It’s old, but great.

I’m so excited for Sofia Coppola’s new movie!

“We are who we choose to be.”

Rethinking the Bucket List: Kathleen Taylor at TEDx TampaBay.

Have a great weekend, everyone!