Carousel — Week Ending 10th April 2009

The internet, as filtered through the Galaverse… Live every Friday. Ding ding ding!

Days With My Father is really beautiful; click all the way through.

Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules For Living. No explanation required!

The World of Wonder Presents My Mickey Ears. Oh, WOW. (Thanks Betsey J!)

The Art of the Self-Imposed Deadline from Harvard Business Blog. Awesome information for anyone who is self-employed, does freelance work, or just wants to become more productive!

Vixxie sent me this link to these crayon rings. I think I am in love. Very colourful, messy love.

The Best & Worst of Skymall cracked me up.

Shae from Lullie Vintage has just started a blog at Everything Style & it rules HARD.

Boner Party is my new favourite thing. Oh so funny. Especially this post about the TV show Friends (which I never liked). Also, Boner Party Diet Advice. Aaaahahaha. & quite frankly, you really have to love any website which says,

“normal girls are bullshit. always pick the one in the Misfits shirt.”

Dhrumil posted an audio guide to falling still which is quite, quite fantastic.

I discovered CB Walker via Coilhousethis is some of the funniest, weirdest stuff I have seen in ages.

Help Others has a bunch of ideas as to how you can positively impact other people’s lives.

The Stranger’s The Different Kinds Of People That There Are is amazing. I especially like “Wizards: Assholes with beards who do magic.”

Karlie Kloss works it out in US Vogue, February. Look at those Maison Martin Margiela pants! LUST!

Laura Barton on why we need to smile more, from The Guardian.

& finally, my friend (& pastry henchman) Jordon just hit the road with Atmosphere & POS for the When God Gives You Ugly tour — & he’s photographing his experiences. He just started, but he’s a great photographer, so it’s sure to be super-interesting.

That’ll do it! Enjoy your weekend!