Carousel — Week Ending 10th August 2007

10 Ways To Instantly Build Self Confidence — a good little piece from Pick The Brain!

Tiny Choices is a blog about reducing your carbon footprint & upping your greenie status, which everyone should read.

I love, love, love this house. I think that with a little bit of eye-popping shocking pink, I could live there forever VERY happily.

Glam & Tonic is a new fashion blog which really impresses me. It’s very “fashion magazine” in its approach, but the quality is high & the girl who writes it & styles it is obviously dedicated, with a fantastic eye!

Masterpiece for Zink magazine. So cool.

In My Tribe photographed by Steven Meisel (looove). Who would you align yourself with?

The Ruinous Legacy of Sex & The City, from Sirens magazine. What do you think?

I just found this magnificent shop based in Sydney, thanks to The Butterfly Collector. It’s called Via Alley & they sell the most brilliant things. Could I interest you in… a Fafi wall decal? They’re also selling jewellery from Q-pot by Tadaaki Wakamatsu, which I am INSANE ABOUT. A scoop of ice-cream as a ring! & a strawberry macaroon necklace! Or perhaps you would prefer it on your finger? YUM, yes please!