Carousel — Week Ending 10th July 2009

Happy Friday! It’s not the world’s biggest carousel, but I hope you enjoy it regardless!

Astrologer Rob Brezsny on what’s in our stars. I love this interview! I also love Rob Brezsny!

“Astrology immediately satisfied my soul, because it was a way of looking at the world mythically. It was a language that was not in opposition to rationality and logic but provided an alternative way of thinking about the world, which is that there are mysteries beyond what we can comprehend with our rational ego.”

Lack of charisma can be fatal? Star’s take. RAD.


To say… or not… during sex. A flow/Venn diagram.

Future of Fashion Magazines | Part One – A Changing Landscape. This is really interesting reading. It is amazing to watch mainstream media go down the gurgler & think about what will take its place.

Got 3D glasses? This Flickr group will make you wish you did!

Oh, how I love Awkward Family Photos. Laugh riot. For real.

If that wasn’t horrifying enough, there’s always Awkward Boners. Beware.

swissmiss finds the coolest things. Like… typographic soap. I feel like I need a bar of this. Hello necklace! Floating breakfast!

Givenchy, you can do no wrong in my mind.

Ah oui bonjour you are so beautiful let’s get married & drink tea all day.

Louise Wilson: Listen Up by Cathy Horyn. Lots of interesting thoughts on the fashion industry.

Tim Ferriss speaks about How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself!

The Bohemian Dream, in 350 Square Feet — this is the cutest apartment ever, & really close to where I used to live in the West Village!

P.S. I have a new site — Love Letter To The Universe! It’s just a journal, online documentation of my life, silly, ridiculous, etc., but you might find it… entertaining?! Hee!

This video is amazing!

Hhaahahah. “…Magical.”

Michael Jackson =

Have an INCREDIBLE weekend, beautiful!